People Behind the Pie: Michael Eldridge

People Behind the Pie: Michael Eldridge

Photo Credit: Jason Holland

Michael Eldridge is our Back of House Manager, and is responsible for all of the magical things that happen within Pie Bar Commissary. He has been cooking since he was old enough to reach a stove, is obsessed with animals, and currently owns five dogs of his own (as well as a gecko).

Vivian El-Salawy: What brought you to Woodstock?
Michael Eldridge: I was looking to by my own home, and Woodstock was close enough to where I grew up, but still a change of pace for me! 

VE: Why did you decide to work with food?
ME: I've always enjoyed cooking, and I excel within fast-paced environments, making professional kitchens the perfect fit for me!

VE: What do you like to do outside of work?
ME: Outside of work, I'm usually playing video games, playing Dungeons and Dragons, writing, or streaming video games on Twitch! 
VE: Love it!

VE: What is your favorite food to make at home?
ME: It's a tie between Pasta Carbonara (or anything involving fresh, homemade pasta) and Bratwurst Strew. 
VE: Sheesh, way to make me hungry. 

VE: What food would you choose if you were on death row and it was your final meal?
ME: I would want Timpano, which is a stuffed pasta casserole dish, kind of like a giant over exaggerated version of Lasagna. It's over 1000 calories per serving. 
VE: Oh my. 

VE: What is your favorite flavor here at Pie Bar?
ME: It's tied between our Key Lime Pie, and our Rosemary Chicken Pot Pies.
VE: Oooh, can't forget about the Savories, that's for sure. Two lovely choices.

VE: What is an interesting fact about you?
ME: I am currently taking a leather armor crafting class!
VE: Whaaaaat, that is so cool!

VE: Last but not least, and this is an important one, what are you currently binging on Netflix (or in general)?
ME: I'm currently binging Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 
VE: Beautiful, well that wraps it up for us. Thanks for sharing with folks a little bit about yourself, and for everything that you do here at Pie Bar!

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