People Behind the Pie: Lily Buehler

People Behind the Pie: Lily Buehler

Eliza Craft, Pie Bar Marietta

Hi Everyone! It’s Eliza from Pie Bar Marietta and today I'll be interviewing my fellow Marietta team-member, Lily (Belle) Buehler.

EC: What brought you to Pie Bar?
LBB: My aunt works for city hall in Marietta and saw an opening. I have experience with baking pies and I figured it would be a good fit for me!

EC: What do you like to do for fun?
LBB: I….uh  love to hang out with my frands, go hiking, what else do I like to do?? Say I like to hang out with my sisters. Anything that's outside really.

EC: What’s your dream job?
LBB: My dream job, hehehe, wait, erase that. Um my dream job has changed a lot these past few months but right now I really want to be a middle school or high school art teacher. I just think that would be really fun. Hangin’ out with the students,,, kicking back, making art. 

EC: Do you have any Pets?
LBB: I sure do. I have my own kitty kat, Winifred. That's W-I-N-I-F-R-E-D. She is a little less than one year old and she is the best decision I ever made. We also have a puppy named Hank. He is the worst decision. And sweet old Rocko. He is very sweet and chunky.

EC: What is your favorite pie?
LBB: That's a tough one but I recently ranked my top four. Starting at number one: Peanut Butter Cream. Number two: Key Lime. Number Three: Bourbon Chocolate Pecan. Number Four: Apple Streusel. That ranking took me many days to decide on, but that is my final answer.

EC: What is an interesting fact about you?
LBB: Oh Brother...that's so hard. That's a very bad question. Umm I could go with the classic story about how I went to Mexico without a passport...or...there's not that much that's interesting about me. Next question.

EC: What's your favorite part about working at Pie Bar?
LBB: I love doing the chalkboard designs. That's so fun. And I love getting to meet new customers and seeing returning customers and getting a chance to talk to people I wouldn’t normally talk to and learning about them.

EC: How long have you been working here?
LBB: Over 100 days maybe. That sounds right.

Make sure you say hi to Lily next time you stop by our Marietta shop!

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