People Behind the Pie: Emma R. Schultz

People Behind the Pie: Emma R. Schultz

Say Hello to Emma R. Schultz!

Superlative: Most likely to “get it done.”

Emma was hired in May of 2017 and has been a real asset to the Pie Bar team. She is very efficient and we constantly make the joke that she is "delirious". She was born in Jacksonville, Florida and has spent her 18 years of life moving around because of her dad’s job in the Navy. She has also lived in Washington, California, and now Georgia. Emma is currently a senior at Sprayberry High School although she spends most of her time at Kennesaw State University as a dual enrolled student.

The day she heads to Washington State University will be a sad day for us at Pie Bar.

AY: What brought you to Woodstock?

ES: My dad is in the navy, so… him.

AY: What is your favorite animal?

ES: mmmm

AY: That’s going in

ES: Koalas because they’re cute but they can also murder you…. Not that I would do that though….

AY: okay…?

AY: Why did you decide to work at Pie Bar for your first job?

ES: When I moved here we came downtown to explore and come in to see what a “Pie Bar” was. We had our pie and fell in love.

AY: That’s sweet

ES: Yeah

AY: What would be your last meal if you were on death row?

ES: That’s the hardest question

AY: …answer the question

ES: So it’s essentially potatoes, carrots, and green apples on a baking sheet with thyme, oil and such with either large sausages or braughts set on top and baked in the oven. It takes like an hour to bake, and it is the BEST THING YOU WILL EVER HAVE. I can eat half of the pan it’s that good. I don’t know that it’s called though. But that.

AY: I don’t get it…. next question

AY: Favorite Pie Bar pie?

ES: Salted Peanut Cup…without the salt. Its frowned upon, but whatevs.

AY: Well then.

AY: What’s an interesting fact about yourself? 

ES: I have two tattoos and I want another one 

AY:  So Post Malone?

ES: No

AY: If you say so…

AY: What’s you’re favorite shop and restaurant in Downtown Woodstock?

ES: Favorite restaurant is Salt, and my favorite downtown shop would have to be Brooklyn’s although the Boba place is good too.

AY: Good choices 

ES: Mmhmm

AY: What’s your role at the shop?

ES: Floater.

AY: Elaborate.

ES: Well, I was hired as a front of houser and then one day I was asked to be in the back and I guess I was good at it so I’ve been working back there a lot. I like it back in the kitchen though, so I don’t mind one bit. I even make it upfront on the weekends still. It’s a good gig nonetheless.

AY: What do you do outside of Pie Bar?

ES: Mostly school and binge watching Dexter.

AY: Okay, last question. Brace yourself it’s gonna be a hard one. What… is your favorite color?

ES: Orange.

The End.

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