People Behind the Pie: Emily Haynes

People Behind the Pie: Emily Haynes

Background on Emily: Emily hails from Kennesaw, GA, but most of the year you can catch her in Tuscaloosa, AL where she attends school at the University of Alabama. She’s been working at Pie Bar for a little over a month and is having a blast. In her spare time, you can find Emily hiking as well as playing Bananagrams (which she makes a point to carry with her at all times).

Emma Schultz: So, what brought you to Pie Bar this summer?
Emily Haynes: I’ve followed Pie Bar since before they even opened the shop and I saw that a part time summer job opened up and I thought “This is perfect!”

ES: What do you do when you’re not working?
EH: I actually do a lot of cross word puzzles, I read a lot, and I find as many cats as I can.

ES: Are you a student?
EH: Sure am! I am not a senior at the University of Alabama.
ES: That’s awesome!! What are you studying?
EH: I am pursing a BFA in musical theater.
ES: What drew you to the subject?
EH: Wow great question. My objective in life is to help people be seen and I feel musical theater is the most effective way to do that, and I’ve never really considered another way to connect with people.
ES: That’s so thoughtful. I can really tell you’re a good human being. Are you working on anything right now?
EH: Yeah, we just wrapped season 7 of Two Kids on a Couch. It’s a web talk show where we talk about the Tony awards and who we think is gonna win.

ES: Alrighty, I have a quick change in topic: What is your favorite pie here at Pie Bar?
EH: That Peanut Butter Cream man! Everyday, all the way. The Peach Crumble is a very close second though.

ES: What is a random fact about you that only few know?
EH: When I was a kid I ate a lot of dish washing detergent.

ES: If you were on death row right now what would you ask for as your last meal?
EH: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and probably some green beans. That meal is the love of my life.

ES: Do you have a favorite animal?
EH: I’m big into manatees, but I also read a book last summer on octopus psychology so I think they’re pretty cool too.

ES: Okay I have one more question for you. Since you are studying musical theatre what are you hoping to do after school?
EH: Right after I graduate I want to come back to Atlanta and build a network down here, but the big plan is to make a move to New York by 2025.

Next time you swing by the shop, come say hey to Emily!! 

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