People Behind the Pie: Eliza Craft

People Behind the Pie: Eliza Craft

Hey all, this is Abby at Pie Bar Marietta and today I’m interviewing our lovely Front of House team member, Eliza Craft! Let’s get right into it!


AS: What brought you to Pie Bar?

EC: I followed you guys on instagram for a while and finally came into the shop! I had a great experience, and when I found out y’all were hiring, I decided to apply!


AS: So, what do you like to do for fun?

EC: I’m a theater major so I listen to musicals and watch Netflix.

AS: Ooh, what are you watching right now?

EC: I’m rewatching Zoe 101.

AS: A blast to the past! We love early 2000’s nostalgia.


AS: And, I have to ask, what’s your fave theatrical production?

EC: This is such a hard question, but I really love Sweeney Todd. It has pie, so it’s a fun time. Not the type of pie we serve here though.

AS: That’s very goth of you. Love that.


What’s your dream job?

EC: I wanna be a stage manager, or anything involved with theater since that’s my passion. Or, a professional organizer!

AS: Can you organize my life?

EC: I’m better at organizing material things.

AS: Darn...


Do you have any pets? Tell me about them!

EC: Levi... The love of my life. He’s an English Cream Golden Retriever.

AS: Oh, a fancy boy.

EC: He’s a cuddly mess, both a grandpa and a little child.

AS: A very multifaceted boy too, then!

(Here’s a picture of good ol’ Levi.)

What’s your favorite pie?

EC: Oh gosh. I can’t decide between peach crumble and cinnamon buttermilk pie.


What’s your favorite non-pie food then?

EC: I love a good pot roast— any kind of comfort food .


What’s an interesting fact about you?

EC: I used to Irish dance competitively.

AS: So, what does that entail?

EC: A fancy dress, a wig, and lots of rehearsing! St. Patrick’s Day was kind of a big deal for me.


What’s your favorite part about working at Pie Bar?

EC: I love the work environment and everyone who works here. We’re like a family!


Any thing else we should know about Eliza Craft?

EC: My Spotify Wrapped consisted only of Musical Theater and Taylor Swift.

(It’s that Spotify Wrapped time of year, folks! Happy holidays!)


Make sure ya say hi to Eliza next time you stop by Pie Bar Marietta or Woodstock!

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