People Behind the Pie: ALLISON S!!

People Behind the Pie: ALLISON S!!

Say hello to Allison Kaye Sexton!

Pie Bar Superlative: Most likely to bake something delicious in her spare time.

Allison is a transplant to our quaint city of Woodstock from an even quainter place, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She moved here with her Delta pilot husband, Michael. She claims to be adjusting well to The South, and has even recently set down roots in Canton!

Allison joined the Pie Bar Team at the beginning of this past summer season. Great time for us (hello, 1 million peaches to peel), bad time for her (hello, 1,000° Georgia summer). We quickly found out, that despite never baking professional, she is a natural when it comes to making pie.

Since she is always with her hands in dough or toting around a rolling pin, I awkwardly weaseled my way by her side to pick her brain. Below is the transcript from our conversation.

LB: Why did you move to Woodstock?
AS: My husband and I moved to Woodstock this year because of his job with Delta.
LB: #thanksDelta

LB: Why did you decide to work with food?
AS: I have always loved baking, and especially baking for others. When we moved to Georgia, I didn’t know anyone. I felt like baking would allow me to connect with others and get to know my community through food.

LB: What is your favorite food to make at home?
AS: I would have to say cookies.
LB: Any specific flavor?
AS: Sugar Cookies.
LB: Such a bold flavor…
AS: .. (blank stare)..
LB: Moving on..

LB: What food would you choose if you were on death row and it was your final meal?
AS: My Mom’s fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. Also, a chocolate croissant from Paris.
LB: Why from Paris?
AS: Because just like people in the South make the best pies, people in Paris make the best croissants.
LB: Seems logical.

LB: What is your favorite Pie Bar pie to eat?
AS: Traditional Buttermilk.  
LB: And favorite Pie Bar pie to bake?
AS: Blueberry Crumble, because it’s the prettiest.

LB: Why did you choose to work at Pie Bar?
AS: When we moved to Woodstock, I loved the feeling I got when I visited Pie Bar. It is the quintessential small-town shop, and who doesn’t love pie? Also, the team atmosphere felt right me, especially at a time when I was new to the city and looking to become involved in my community.

LB: What is an interesting fact about you?
AS: I collect cookbooks!

LB: What is your favorite shop or restaurant in Downtown Woodstock?
AS: I really love Ember Yoga.

LB: What is a funny anecdote about yourself that you are willing to share?
AS: Well, as I mentioned.. I collect cookbooks..which may have influenced who I look up to and idolize.
LB: Go on…
AS: So I may have invested significant time into meeting Ina Garten.
LB: Are you telling me you stalked Ina Garten?
AS: Stalk is a strong word..
LB: So is the word “restraining order”. (kidding, kidding, Allison does not have any restraining orders filed by Ina Garten..Martha Stewart on the other hand…jkjkjkjkjkjk..yet again).

Many thanks to Allison S. for allowing me to dive a little deeper into her psyche. We love our staff and we are so proud to call her a Pie Bar Team Member.

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