People Behind the Pie: Abby Smith

People Behind the Pie: Abby Smith

Pie Bar Superlative: Most Well-Rounded.

Background: Abby started working at Pie Bar around August 2017. She grew up in the small town of Rising Fawn, which is located at the northwestern tip of Georgia. She’s currently a senior in college and hopes to go to grad school at some point so she can eventually teach at a university. She has one pet: a cat named Gizmo, but she also currently helps take care of her roommate’s four pet cockatiels.

Abby is at her happiest when she’s curled up in bed with a cup of coffee on a rainy day. Her other hobbies are thrift shopping and hanging out with her partner, Patrick.

AY: Why did you decide to stay in Woodstock?

AS: I came here to attend Kennesaw State University and obtain my bachelor’s degree in Painting and Drawing. And I love it here, because the downtown area here reminds me of Frazier Avenue in Chattanooga, where I used to live.

AY: Why did you decide to work with food?

AS: I love food. Food makes me so happy.

AY: What is your favorite food to make at home?

AS: I make a lot of stews and curries. My favorite at-home recipes are tortellini soup and peanut-sweet potato stew. Still, my boyfriend is a much better cook than I am.

AY: What food would you choose if you were on death row and it was your final meal?

AS: The biggest bowl of Massaman Curry ever. With avocado, potatoes and cashews… Mmm. And a dozen macarons (not macaroons!) for dessert.

AY: What is your favorite Pie Bar pie to eat?


AY: Why did you choose to work at Pie Bar? 

AS: I’m a people-person with a sweet tooth. When I was searching for jobs, this one seemed to hit all the marks for me, and I found that my intuition wasn’t wrong. The idea of working for a small, locally-owned business was also definitely attractive to me. I feel like we’re all good friends here at Pie Bar and I love that.

AY: What is an interesting fact about you?

AS: I’m an art student, but my love for painting and drawing started early on in my childhood. I kind of always knew I would pursue a career in the visual arts field and my parents were always very encouraging about it.

Also, my real name is Abigail! This surprises a lot of people.

AY: What is your favorite shop or restaurant in Downtown Woodstock?

AS: I love to shop at Blue Frog and hang out at Copper Coin. Both of them have a great atmosphere.  

AY: What is a funny anecdote about yourself that you are willing to share?

AS: Growing up, my dad used to call me ‘Mouse’ because I stayed in my room most of the time and only occasionally scurried out to get a snack from the kitchen. I spent most of my childhood drawing cartoons and playing my Gameboy. I was a little bit of a dork—well, not was. I still am. I’m still drawing cartoons and I’ve upgraded to the Nintendo Switch now, so not much has changed. 

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