Let's Welcome Our Spring Flavors!

Let's Welcome Our Spring Flavors!

Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar

Spring brings us not only warmer weather and blooming landscapes, but also a few new, fun flavors into our pie case in Woodstock and Marietta.

We always carry our five staple flavors in the case year-round: Apple Streusel, Bourbon Chocolate Pecan, Chocolate Chess, Coconut Cream, and Peanut Butter Cream. This means that these flavors are available at both shops every single day unless they sell out for the day!

That said, there are some flavors we carry that are only available at limited times of the year. Every few months, we go through what we call a "seasonal rotation".  We choose three flavors that we feel are the best for that specific season, and then rotate them in and out accordingly!

This allows not only for excitement for when a season comes around, but also allows for us to bring you flavors that best represent and take advantage of each season!

Sometimes, are pies are on a specific season so that we can acquire fresh, locally sourced ingredients for the flavors. But enough about that -- you're probably wondering at this point what our seasonal flavors are for Spring!

Our Spring Seasonal Menu runs from the beginning of March through the end of May.

Starting off, we have our Lemon Chess. This is my personal favorite pie on our Spring Menu! This flavor is the perfect balance of tart and sweet, allowing for it to be enjoyed on both chilly and warm days!

Part of what makes the Lemon Chess so special is the fresh lemon zest and juice that our team preps for each pie. If you visit our Woodstock Shop during the week, you may catch some of our team zesting in the back kitchen. It certainly gives off lemonade stand vibes.

Lemon Chess pairs wonderfully with a nice cup of coffee, personally having a black cup of coffee with this pie is like heaven to me! It also pairs wonderfully with a nice cup of tea, so if you have a favorite beverage this is a pie you don't want to miss!

Next up we have the Blueberry Buttermilk! This flavor is a sweet and satisfying pie that is very similar to a blueberry muffin, which makes it the perfect candidate for a breakfast slice, or a delicious afternoon treat! What I love most about this pie is how it is the perfect treat to enjoy straight out of the fridge. We recommend serving this flavor right out of the cooler!

This fantastic pie also uses Georgia Grown blueberries, which come directly from Bynes Blueberry Farm. Like the Lemon Chess, a plain cup o' joe is the way to go with this one.  

Last but most certainly not least, is the fan favorite pie known as Key Lime! This pie uses freshly zested limes and lime juice to really bring about the spring season! Our Marietta Team will often zest throughout the week -- so stop in and smell the limes the next time you're in!

This flavor is a marvelous, and a definite seasonal bestseller. So much so, that we actually keep it on for our Spring AND Summer seasons. Tart, yet sweet -- it's sure to knock you off your feet when you enjoy it. 

My personal favorite part of the pie is the graham cracker crust, which only serves to make this pie even tastier than it already is!

These three amazing flavors will be with us throughout the spring season, so be sure you try them by the end of May!

Regardless of whether or not this is your first time having them, or if you're a Frequent Pie-er whose been counting the days for these to return, we truly hope to see you around. Feel free to by either of our shops as they both carry the same menu!

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