New Year's Vault Release: Hoosier Sugar Cream

New Year's Vault Release: Hoosier Sugar Cream

By: Abby A

I hope y'all all had a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays! Now it's time for the day we've all been waiting for - New Year's! We all get to celebrate the new year coming around because I'm sure we all know 2022 has been a fun ride. 2022 has definitely been interesting for me, but I'm excited for 2023 because I'm starting a new year in college and I have big plans ahead for myself! Call it a New Year's resolution, I guess, because I have a TON of things prepared for the new year. When you come in, tell us about your New Year's resolutions!

As for the fun part, our New Year's Vault Release is going to be the Hoosier Sugar Cream pie! Traditionally a pie from Indiana, it's nostalgic for many people who visit from the Midwest. It originated from the North Carolina Quakers in the 19th century, and it was named Indiana's unofficial state pie in 2009. This pie is absolutely to die for, and I'll tell ya why!

We like to describe this pie as a decadent mix between a sugar cookie and crème Brulee. It has a creamy yet custardy filling in our super flaky all-butter pie crust with a nice layer of powdered sugar to top it off! The pie is described as similar to a chess pie. The Hoosier Cream pie was once called a "desperation" pie, as it was made with ingredients that were affordable and readily available without a trip to the store. It was also called a "finger" pie, as the baker would often mix the filling with their finger. The base ingredients are flour, sugar, butter, and cream, which in both the 19th century and now are necessities for a nicely stocked pantry. It's said that all you needed was a "cow and sugar", and you'd be able to make this pie. Of course, three of the four core ingredients are made from cow's milk, so it's pretty convenient. I feel like I should have a cow now; it would be really helpful. 

There is a mass producer of Hoosier Cream Pies located in Winchester, Indiana called Wick's Pies. The baker originally sold his pies out of a single restaurant and a car in the 1940s, but since it became so popular, he opened an entire business and factory. They are the biggest producer of Hoosier Cream Pies, and they sell to over 25 states. Although they are popular for their pies, I definitely think our Hoosier Cream is just as great. The recipe was handcrafted by Lauren Bolden, Pie Bar's founder, and owner, years ago, and it's slowly been improved and renovated each year. The ingredients are simple: sugar (regular and light brown), flour, a dash of salt, heavy cream, and nice natural flavors added such as vanilla extract and ground nutmeg. It's sprinkled with a coat of powdered sugar and put in our famous pie crust. Lauren's vision of the pie is absolutely amazing, and I definitely think it's worth a try.

I have only spent one New Year's with Pie Bar, but I wish we carried this pie year-round. I would love to have it every single day. But, I'm a bit biased, because crème Brulee is my favorite dessert of all time, and it's basically a crossover with another amazing dessert that I love: sugar cookies. 

This New Year's will surely be a special one, so make some extra memories with our Hoosier Cream Pie to say farewell to 2022! No matter what you're celebrating about the New Year, or simply reminiscing on the past year, this pie will bring a smile to everyone's face. It'll also make a great addition to a New Year's Eve party!

We currently have preorders open for slices and whole pies of the Hoosier Cream Pie on our website! The only day for pickup is 12/31, or New Year's Eve. Our hours are limited, as we are open 11 am-5 pm so that our team members also get to celebrate! So, be sure to select the best time that works for you that day. If you need assistance ordering a pie, don't hesitate to call either of our shops during normal open hours! Woodstock's phone number is 678-402-6245. Marietta's is 678-402-5176. Also, be sure to pick the correct shop location! We will have limited walk-ins of the pie if any at all, so we cannot guarantee we can fill the order at the location the order was not placed for. 

New Year's Eve is going to be big this year! There will be updates on our social media (pie_bar on Instagram and TikTok, and Pie Bar on Facebook) about whether we have walk-ins, and if we do, how many. We will also be accepting walk-ins of any of our other flavors available in the case that day, so either check out our online menu or give us a quick call! Since it's a busier holiday, make sure to come earlier in the day to snag that pie you want!

Thank you all for supporting Pie Bar and giving us a wonderful 2022! We can't wait to have you all next year and tell us all about your past year and your New Year's resolutions. And, be sure to preorder the Hoosier Cream to add to your experience!

Happy New Year everyone, and let's all aim for the best year yet!

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