More Than Pie: Selena's 2020 Highlight

Selena Smith, Pie Bar Marietta
2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. Even though 2020 wasn’t the year I, or anyone else for that matter, thought it would be, I do think it has probably been one of the most eye-opening years of all my 18 years on earth. 2020 has taught me so much about myself, my family and the people in my community.

I’ve not only seen so many incredible acts of compassion and love from people all over the world, but also from people in my very own community. Finding a new job is never easy and finding one in the middle of a pandemic is nearly impossible.

However, the Pie Bar team has welcomed me with open arms and has allowed me to connect with my community in a way I never imagined. When this is all over I hope people will continue to spread kindness and love the same way they have during this pandemic. 

2020 has also taught me to go with the flow and accept that some things are just out of my control. Going into 2020, I had many plans and goals, most of which were either cancelled or drastically altered due to COVID. In the past, I probably would have obsessed over all the things that did not go the way I wanted or thought they’d go. However, this past year has taught me to savor the good and let go of the bad. Normally, going into the New Year I would have many goals and practically plan out every minute of every day, however going into 2021 I only have two main goals: show more love and compassion, and of course what might be the most important goal for 2021… EAT MORE PIE!

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