NEW! Warm Memories: A Collective Journal Recounting Joy & Pie

NEW! Warm Memories: A Collective Journal Recounting Joy & Pie

By Abby Adams, Pie Bar Marietta

New Year, New Read -- right?!

Over the holiday season, we recently released our journal: the Warm Memories Collection. It is a collective journal of Pie Bar & nostalgic baking memories from the community, including current & former team members, and regulars near and far! Many of these memories, both old and new, recount how pie has impacted their lives and made memories with family and friends.

My personal favorite part of the Warm Memories Journal are some of the recipes that Lauren shares! She includes everything from classics like Coconut Cream and Tart Cherry to some really special, unique flavors like Apple Cranberry Crumble Pie.

Dessert cookbooks are one of my favorite things, and it’s like a mini cookbook put in a “scrapbook” of memories! The memories these recipes can create are endless. From family gatherings to birthdays to holidays, people will spend their time together baking delicious pie, perhaps flavors people have never tried before! I also love how these flavors can be baked whenever you want, so if there is a certain flavor that maaaay not be on our menu quite yet for the year, we give you everything you need to bake it from scratch at home. Not only would you have a delicious pie to eat, but now a story to go along with it, too!

Reading through these memories will make you feel right at home with Pie Bar. Lauren put together this journal in hopes to spread joy through the Pie Bar community one memory at a time. This journal originally started as a simple blog post, but as more and more memories came flooding in, we realized that they needed to be composed into a permanent collection to be shared with the world. 

This cute journal is perfect for those who love to read nonfiction; stories of peoples’ lives and memories of those who have enjoyed their time on this earth. Peoples’ lives have been made better by Pie Bar, whether they truly realize it or not. Being a team member of Pie Bar has changed my life for the better, and I couldn’t be happier where I’m at in my life with Pie Bar involved. I highly recommend giving this journal a peep the next time you're by!

Not around town? We ship our Warm Memories Journals, too!

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