National Pie Day at Pie Bar!

National Pie Day at Pie Bar!

Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar Woodstock

Ah, National Pie Day: a wonderful day that is all about the champion of the sweets world...Pie!

National Pie Day is truly a great day where we all take a deep breath, kick back and relax as we hold a fork in one hand and a slice of pie in the other! Or depending on your slice, throwing that fork to the wayside and eating it with your hands (trust me I have done that before)!

From the trusty Apple to more unique flavors like the Cranberry Buttermilk, this day gives all of them the love and respect they deserve, all in the name of
unity and good times!

But of course we cannot forget the Savory Pies, too! These amazing goodies break the barrier between dinner and dessert and bring them together for unequal flavor!
I have even heard a legend that a Quiche Lorraine might be gracing our little shop, but you might have to order in advance just to see 'em!
What is truly so great about National Pie Day, is we all come together to stand hand and hand to say how much we love pie. From the perfectly cut slices to those ugly slices that never look quite right, we tip our hats off and all say “We love ya!” to that wonderful treat called pie!

National Pie Day is a simple day that allows us all to pay our respects to one of the greatest treats in the world! So I hope to see you this National Pie Day: Saturday, January 23rd at either (or both) of our locations in Woodstock & Marietta! 

We'll be celebrating with Slices, Samplers, Half & Half Pies, and Whole Pies! Pop of Air Creations will even be curating a special balloon display at our Woodstock Shop so we can celebrate ~fashionably~.

Can't wait for you to join us!
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