Mother's Day in Marietta

Mother's Day in Marietta


By: Abby A, Pie Bar Marietta

Spring is a great time to celebrate one of the most beloved women in your life: your mom! Sunday, May 8th is Mother's Day! A fun day trip around Marietta Square will be sure to show her how much you want to celebrate her! There's so much to do, from brunch and coffee to shopping, and finishing the night with dinner. The Square has a large variety of places to go, so here are a few options to spend your day at!

A great way to tell your mom "I appreciate you" is to buy her brunch! Some wonderful places around the Square are the Australian Bakery, Decour de France, and even Pie Bar (c'mon, who doesn't love pie for brunch?). The Australian Bakery serves savories from Australia! They have many savory pies to spice up your brunch. Decour de France has both breakfast and lunch options, making it perfect for a brunch outing! My favorite meal from there is their French toast, which is brioche dipped in creme brulee filling and cooked into a perfectly toasted and delicious brunch. And for Pie Bar, well, we've got pie galore! This month, we have the first pie in our Inspired Pie Series: the Strawberry Shortcake Pie! It's inspired "pie" the Strawberry Shortcake Pie from Lauretta Jean's in Portland, Oregon, and it's the perfect mixture of cake and pie! With its strawberry jam, pound cake, pastry cream filling, and its whipped topping, it'll make for the perfect little brunch!

Need some caffeine? We've got you covered! One option for coffee is Pie Bar (give us some credit for variety, am I right?). We have our specialty spring drink, the Lavender Vanilla latte! With this weather, get it iced and enjoy your stroll around the Square! Another option is Cool Beans. They are a coffee shop located down the Square a bit, and they have such a large variety of flavors! They can offer you a drink (with any flavor you want!) or even bags of their specially roasted coffee beans. All their beans are ethically sourced and they have a huge selection to choose from based on what tasting notes you'd like. Although, my personal favorite for coffee (other than us, of course) is Java Cats! They're coming to a close on May 15th, so take your mom to play with some cats before it's too late! All their cats are adoptable through the Cobb Humane Society, so if you fall in love, you can put in an application! They also include a free hot or iced coffee with your reservation, or you can upgrade to a latte or cat-cappuccino with almost any flavor you can think of! The possibilities are endless; sip on some coffee and enjoy those kitties!

Wanna walk off that large meal you just had for brunch? Go shopping around the Square! In the Square are many stores to shop from, including a few antique stores, some clothing stores, and even a candy shop! My favorite antique shops around here are Marina Marina, Antiques on the Square, and Park West Vintage. They all have such fun antiques and goodies to look at! As for clothes, I love Satoria on the Square and Sarah Liz Boutique. Each store has its own cute vibe based on what you're looking for, so I'd recommend checking them out! If you want to bring something home for the kiddos, you can stop by Rocket Fizz, a candy and soda shop right on the Square. They have a huge selection of sweets to choose from and an even bigger selection of soda. I bought myself candy from there and ate it all at once! And even if you're not looking to buy anything, window shopping is always fun! Although, you may find a hidden gem somewhere if you take a peek.

Hungry after your exciting yet long day? The Square has plenty of options for dinner! If you'd like a cocktail with your meal, Two Birds and Red Hare are both great places! They have amazing meals and amazing drinks to go with. Some other great places are Kiosco, Piastra, Mac's Chop House, and Hawg and Ale Smokehouse. All of these restaurants vary in their food and vibe. If you want authentic Colombian, Kiosco is perfect! Maybe Italian, steak, or barbecue is what you're feelin'! No matter what, the Square has many places to choose from. 

Whew, that was a lot to pack in. Brunch, coffee, shopping, then dinner? That's a whole day! It's a great way to tell your mom "I love you!" when you don't always get the chance to. Hug your moms this Mother's Day, and bring them on a fun day out!

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