Mini Pies, Itty Bitties, and Specialty Pies Galore!!

Mini Pies, Itty Bitties, and Specialty Pies Galore!!

We absolutely love it when y'all choose to include us in your special moments and events, whether it be a baby shower, a wedding, or a company event! 
Special events warrant special pies, which is why we offer Mini Pies and Itty Bitties through "Special Orders".

What is a Special Order?
Guests can place orders for "specialty pies", which are our Mini Pies and our Itty Bitties! What makes them special? Well, we do not typically carry our Mini Pies and Itty Bitty Pies in-shop; however they add a great touch to special occasions, such as corporate events, baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and best of all: just because.

Mini Pies 
1 Batch = 8 Mini Pies
One Flavor Choice Per Batch
4" Pie perfect for one person
This pie comes in a foil pie pan
$40 / batch
    Itty Bitties
    1 Batch = 24 Itty Bitties
    One Flavor Choice Per Batch
    1.5" Pie that is the perfect bite
    We recommend 2 - 3 Itty Bitties per person
    $30 / batch
      What flavors are offered in Specialty Pies?
      Just like the Whole Pies that you typically see in our case daily, we have a few staple flavors that are our core flavors for the year, and a few seasonal flavors that rotate every few months!

      Staple (Year Round) Flavors:
      Bourbon Chocolate Pecan (Minis & Itty Bitties)
      Bourbon Pecan (Minis & Itty Bitties)
      Apple Streusel (Minis & Itty Bitties)
      Chocolate Chess (Minis & Itty Bitties)
      Coconut Cream (Minis Only)
      Peanut Butter Cream (Minis Only)

      Seasonal Flavors: Available on a Rotating Basis

      March, April, May:
      Lemon Chess (Minis & Itty Bitties) 
      Blueberry Buttermilk (Minis & Itty Bitties)

      June, July, August: 
      Key Lime (Minis Only)
      Blueberry Crumble  (Minis & Itty Bitties)
      Peach Crumble (Minis & Itty Bitties)

      September, October, November: 
      Pumpkin Praline (Minis Only)
      Cinnamon Buttermilk (Minis & Itty Bitties)

       December, January, February: 
      Cranberry Buttermilk (Minis & Itty Bitties)

      How do you place an order for a Specialty Pie?
      Easy-peasy! You can e-mail Vivian or Lauren at, and we'd be happy to chat with you more about providing the perfect pies for your special moment!
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