My First Thanksgiving with Pie Bar!

My First Thanksgiving with Pie Bar!

By Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar Woodstock 

This time of year is always very nostalgic for me, filling me with a whole host of emotions that bring a smile to my face. A fact I don't believe I talk about often is the fact that Pie Bar is the first job I have ever had. This fact meant way back, I had never experienced Thanksgiving through the eyes of working it. My family tried to constantly prep me for what I was in store for, little did I know back then that some of my favorite memories would come from Thanksgiving. So, allow me to share just a few of my favorite memories from my first year working Thanksgiving. 

A memory that has always stuck out in my mind, was the first time I had ever gone to our commissary, which is where not only where our bakers work but also where we now do our Pie-Drive through! It was one of the most, amazing experiences I had ever had! Getting to work side by side with our baking team, getting to connect and learn from some real pros in the field! I will never forget the experience of working with apples, getting to see just how much work goes into the fan-favorite, Apple Streusel!

But I cannot possibly discuss my first Thanksgiving without talking about my major task throughout it, making boxes! From sunrise to sunset, I would make a little out cove for myself. Drifting into a state of raw determination as time started to melt together, all while I made box after box for each pie during Thanksgiving. I will never forget making literal towers of boxes, creating a fort that surrounded me. Then without warning, I would see those boxes disappear, which of course only fueled me to make more and more! 

To top it all off, I will never forget the excitement of working the windows and grabbing orders. Getting to run and grab pies for everyone and getting to see their smiling faces, is a sense of pride and joy that I will never forget. Running back and forth, making sure to grab the pies accurately was both challenging and very fun! But as the day settled and the once massive line had become nothing more than a distant memory, I will never forget wrapping up for the day. As I waved goodbye to my coworkers and headed home with my family, I will never forget heading up to my room. As if in one moment everything that we had done finally caught up with me, I had not planned on sleeping on the couch in my room but lord as my witness I slept the most peaceful rest of my life!

Getting to see my family enjoy the pie I brought home was the cherry on top, a memory I will hold on to for years on end! Each Thanksgiving is better than the last and I can't wait to see what sort of memories I will be making this year! I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving this year, and I hope Pie Bar can be a part of it!

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