Mark The Calendar 'Cause Thanksgiving Orders Open Soon!

Mark The Calendar 'Cause Thanksgiving Orders Open Soon!

By Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar Woodstock

As the leaves begin to change colors, the temperatures start to cool all around us. This signifies a big time for us here at Pie Bar, the time our shop truly comes alive! As crazy as it may sound folks, October marks the beginning of the Thanksgiving season for us! Our kitchen is about to be heating up, especially as Thanksgiving orders are about to be opening up! And I am happy to announce that the orders open up is (cue the drum roll). Thursday, October 14th at 11 am!


Now at first may seem crazy that we would start taking preorders that early, but we do it not only to make sure we give as much time as possible for you all to get some pies. But as crazy as it may seem, we do it so that we can properly plan and go all out to make this our best thanksgiving yet!

Now if you will allow me for just a few moments, I must explain why it is so important to pre-order a Thanksgiving pie. We have begun doing the ultra-fun, and very cool pre-order drive-through. This is held at the very place where the magic happens, the commissary kitchen where our baking team makes all the pies. We began doing this in 2020 and we heard from all of our fans that they quite enjoyed it, so it is back and better than ever. As mentioned though this is only for pre-orders, we will only be serving those who placed pre-orders with us!

Since we will be doing the pie drive-through, what does that mean for the shops? This will mean that come the week of thanksgiving, every single team member will be getting their bake on! So while we may have both of our storefronts closed that week, if you are pre-order you can come on down and see us at the drive-through. Plus with the busy nature of the holidays, having orders open early are a great way to take one thing off your plate and allow for a more calming time this holiday season!


We are all pumped for this Thanksgiving, we are firing up the ovens and gearing up! We cannot wait to serve you, and see what sort of pies you all we get when those orders open up one Thursday, October 14th! Take care and from the team here at Pie Bar, we are excited to be heading into the holiday season with you!

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