Marietta's First Year!

Marietta's First Year!

Eliza Craft, Pie Bar Marietta

Wow. Pie Bar has been celebrating so much recently with the birthdays of both our Woodstock 

AND Marietta locations! Let’s take a look back at our first year in Marietta!

In the beginning, our Marietta shop had a bumpy start. While looking for a location and a loan, we were met with push back due to the uncertainty surrounding the new virus spreading through other countries. Once we were finally able to secure a location and think about opening the shop, the country was overcome by the effects of the pandemic. Looking back, it is crazy to think that we opened shop in the midst of a pandemic, but we are so grateful to have been able to have done so!

Thinking back to the first few weeks we were open on the Square, we were overwhelmed with support from the community! I remember working weekends that August, we had lines out the door. It was so amazing to be able to educate so many new guests about Pie Bar!

In the coming months, we wanted to find a way to promote the Marietta location even more. We did this by introducing our S’mores pie to the Marietta Community. This was such a hit! This created a bridge between our existing Woodstock family and our new Marietta family around the love of S’mores pie. This was also such a great way to celebrate Halloween at the end of the month. 

This past year was also the first year of our Thanksgiving drive-thru. With the addition of the Marietta shop and covid safety precautions, it didn’t logistically make sense to have Thanksgiving pick-ups in-shop. So, we decided to have a drive-thru at our kitchen! This was a great success and it was so fun to see all the familiar faces of regular guests in a different location.

Throughout the next few months, we were able to introduce new flavors to the shop, become friends with our neighboring restaurants, and install our little free pie-brary! These have all helped us engage in the community here in the Square. We love hearing what you’ve had for dinner at Two Birds before you swing by for a slice of pie and talking about the books you’ve read from the little library!

Most recently, we were able to become a part of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce as we celebrated our first birthday here in Marietta! This was such an exciting event with a ribbon cutting event and special treats such as a special latte collaboration with Alma Coffee. 

We have really enjoyed being able to grow here in Marietta as a team and as a community. This has been such a wonderful year and we look forward to many more here on the Square.

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