Mama Tried..OR DID SHE!?!

Mama Tried..OR DID SHE!?!

The late Merle Haggard would like you to believe that when we choose to do wrong, our Mother's are not to blame. She is placed into our lives to guide us on the path of righteousness, and steer us in the direction of living a good life. She sees only the good and uses her role as our Mother to help build us into better people. She teaches you what is wrong and right and demonstrates how best to be a lady..OR DOES she?!?

As I sat down to type up all the reasons why my Mother is amazing, and loving, and kind, all I could think about was that time when we went to Las Vegas together for my 21st birthday, or that time when we got officially banned from a dry cleaner, or that time when I yelled at a customer service representative for not accepting my coupon and thought "WWSD"? (what would Sally do)..And then yelled some more.  

Could it be possible that she is responsible for my bad behavior? 

Exhibit A: A young girl does not just know how to grasp a country music star's rear.. it must be a learned behavior.

   Exhibit B: Gambling. Yes, this voucher is for $0.25...BUT WHERE DOES IT END?!?     

Exhibit C: Juggling TWO guys at one time..FOR SHAME.

I think we can all agree that our Mother's (bad or good) impact our lives in ways we cannot undo. Would I like to forget the time she almost drowned in 2ft of water on my 5th grade class trip and had to be "saved" by the lifeguard? Of course..BUT I cannot and will not because one day I hope to have a daughter, and when she yells at me for being "so embarrassing".. I can tell her about the time my Mom allowed me to get a perm.

Happy Mother's Day and I love you, Mom..even if you do make me do bad things. I appreciate your ability to make anything fun, to love unconditionally, and your generous spirit. 

- Lauren

Celebrate your Mother this weekend by stuffing her with pie and hugging her so much she says "get off!!"
Pies can be pre-ordered or available on a first come, first serve basis. Don't wait until the last minute..because she will know. 
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