Looking Forward: 3 Fun Facts About Pie Bar's Thanksgiving!

Looking Forward: 3 Fun Facts About Pie Bar's Thanksgiving!

By Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar Woodstock

It is once again that time of the year, the leaves start changing color and the temperatures get colder! To us at Pie Bar that can mean only one thing, Thanksgiving is right around the corner! With that are ovens are heating up, and our team is gearing up for the busiest time of the year for us! Often during and before I get asked about Thanksgiving, so I thought it would be fun to answer some of the most frequently asked questions! So sit back and relax, as I give you the scoop on some fun facts about Thanksgiving!


Why Do We Open Orders So Early?

I know what you are thinking, opening orders for Thanksgiving orders in October? That is crazy! Well, my friend, I assure you it is a must! We start planning for Thanksgiving well in advance, once those orders open we plan every step we take around each order that we get. By opening up the orders a bit earlier, allows us not only to get a better grasp of how to set ourselves up, but it allows us to properly set it up so that we can give the best service and product that we can make!

Why Are You Doing A Drive Through?

For that, we must travel back to 2020, as that was the first year we did the drive-through. In Thanksgivings of yesteryear, we would handle everything at Woodstock and have people line up outside and do window service from the shop! However then came Covid-19, which through a massive wrench in our plans. So we were thinking, with needing to keep people distant and with now having our Marietta location up and running... how were we going to keep everyone safe and have Thanksgiving flow smoothly? That was when we found our answer, we chose to do a Pie Drive Through! Not only would this allow us to keep customers and our team safe, but it would allow us to make a much more easy-flowing service for Thanksgiving! And after we did it last year, it turned out to be a big success! So with how much both the public and the team loved it, we felt it only made sense to do it again this year!

 Why Set Up Shop At The Commissary?

Every Thanksgiving before the opening we had just one shop, this made it where we only had to think about dividing the team at worst between two separate locations! Now that we have Marietta, last year we had to figure out how we were going to operate while having the team at three different locations. Thankfully, we had a solution! That would be the Commissary kitchen, the location our baking team works at! With this spot being right in the middle of both the Woodstock and Marietta locations, this would be the perfect place to host the Pie Drive Through! And to our delight, it worked out amazingly and we are super excited to do it again this year!


These are just a few of the frequently asked questions we get during the thanksgiving season, if you have any other questions we here at Pie Bar are always ready to answer these questions for you! With that all being said, words truly can't do justice for how excited I am for this thanksgiving season! I Look forward not only to any questions you may have but to getting to experience it all with you as well!

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