Locally Handcrafted Partner: Butter & Cream

Locally Handcrafted Partner: Butter & Cream


Eliza Craft, Pie Bar

One thing that always makes a slice of warm pie better is a good ole scoop of vanilla ice cream. For that reason, we always make a point to carry an amazing vanilla ice cream to compliment our pies.

One of our most recently added local partners is Butter and Cream! I was so excited when I discovered this because Butter and Cream is the local ice cream shop where I am from: Decatur, GA.

The City of Decatur is a little neighborhood right outside of Atlanta. The vibe of the downtown area is very similar to the Marietta Square and Downtown Woodstock. There are many restaurants, shops, and a thriving art scene.

The square of Downtown Decatur is lined with old brick buildings, one of which inhabits Butter and Cream. I remember when Butter and Cream opened in 2014, my freshman year of high school, and quickly became a staple among Decaturites and visitors alike!  

It’s also a popular place for local high school students to work (as several of my friends did). They have a cozy space (like we do at Pie Bar) and lots of delicious ice cream flavors. Their ice cream is small batch and house made, giving it a rich flavor and smooth texture.

Next time you stop in for your pie fix make sure you don’t miss out on having your slice all the way with some Butter and Cream Vanilla Ice Cream.

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