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Let's Say Hey To May

By Antonio Hunt!

As April drifts away and the flowers keep blooming, it is time to say hello to the wonderful month of May! To be honest there is so much going on within the month of May, I struggle top even know where to begin! But fear not, as I will give you the inside scoop on some fun and wonderful things going on and what to see!

Many Holidays are just around the corner with in May, from Cinco De Mayo to Memorial Day the month is jam packed with special days. Personally for me I am making a list and checking it twice for all the things I want to do. Some on my list is thins such as for Mother's day taking my mom for a shopping trip to get all things she wants, some places I want to hit are Fashion Cupcake here in Downtown Woodstock. Plus with memorial day I personally love having a good apple pie and relaxing at home listen to my dad tell stories of my grandfather, talking all about his time in the military!

Of course it's not just holidays to be on the lookout for, as there are plenty of fun activities going on all around. For instance right here in Downtown Woodstock there is gonna be a downtown pub crawl! I highly recommend places like Reformation Brewery and Truck and Tap here in Downtown Woodstock! On top of that Downtown Woodstock is coming alive, as for nearly the entire month we will be having a scavenger hunt! So I highly recommend keeping an eye out as you never know just what may pop up.

Plus May is special as it is the last month of our Spring Menu, so if you have not gotten a chance to try the outstanding Blueberry Buttermilk or my personal favorite lemon pie the Lemon Bar Pie feel free to stop on in and check them out! But do not worry Key Lime fans, I have heard this will now be the last month this fan favorite is staying with us!

What is so great about May is with the beautiful weather, there is no short supply of activities to do. I hope I get a chance to hear about what you have planned. That is all for me right, take care and having a wonderful day!

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