Apple Pies For Labor Day

Labor Day- Given Thanks For Working Hard

By Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar Woodstock


It is that time of year once again, as on Monday, September 6th we all get to celebrate Labor Day! Founded back in September of 1882, Labor Day is a wonderful day that gives thanks to the working men and women of America! Always held on the first Monday of every September, this day is a way for those hard-working men and women to celebrate with their loved ones and take pride in all of their hard work! Now for me, the best way to celebrate Labor day is a nice, relaxing picnic with those you love. So allow me to tell you about three great parks to have a picnic at!


 Dupree Park

Dupree Park is a fantastic, and expansive park that has all sorts of spots to check out! From a wide range of hiking trails, going from easy to something a bit more challenging. They also have all kinds of sports facilities, which are sure to satisfy the sports lovers in your group! But for our purposes, we must talk about the beautiful pavilions, which are the ideal spot for picnics! They have several, well-kept spots that are perfect for your labor day picnic. Couple that with a great, and large playground for the kids. There is even a wonderful pound, which is filled with all kinds of adorable ducks. Needless to say, Dupree is a fantastic choice for your Labor Day!


The Park At City Center

This humble spot is a wonderful, peaceful place that is perfect for a relaxing picnic! Found right in the heart of Downtown Woodstock, this area is a fantastic spot for a small get-together. If you are looking for more than just a nice place to picnic, The Park At City Center has got your back! It houses not only a beautiful fountain that is perfect for photos, but it also has memorial spots! From the Woodstock War Memorial to the 9/11 Memorial you can have a beautiful history lesson as well! If you're looking for a more humble spot for Labor day, The Park At City Center is the perfect spot for you!


 Hobgood Park

Now for a place that is perfect for the sports lovers among us, that being the fantastic Hobgood Park! This beloved spot is filled to the brim with all kinds of great sports facilities, such as the awesome batting cages! There is also a wonderful playground within it, allowing the kids to enjoy themselves! What is also great is there is no short supply of great spots to set up shop for a picnic, allowing for a diverse way to celebrate your Labor Day. So if you are looking for a place with some more activities, Hobgood Park is the way to go!


Of course, for any picnic, you're going to need a pie, which is why I am excited to tell you Pie Bar is open on Labor Day! We will be open our regular hours of 11 am to 7 pm at both our Woodstock and Marietta locations, and we hope you will come on by to join us! So if you are looking for something like an Apple pie for that special family picnic, or you are just looking to kick back and relax we hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!


If you are looking for some more info on some great parks, check out this piece we did on three great hiking trails in Woodstock!

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