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Keeping It Local- 3 Great Hiking Trails in Woodstock

By Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar

Ah, summer, a fantastic and beautiful season brimming with adventure! While school may be in session, the month of August is the perfect time to come together! But you may ask yourself, just what sort of adventure should you go on? Well, fear not, for I have three fantastic hiking trails that are perfect to take advantage of the summer sun! 

Olde Rope Mill Park

What makes Olde Rope Mill Park so wonderful is you have not one, but three trails of varying difficulty to choose from! From the beginner-friendly Moore's Pass to advanced Powerhouse, if you are someone who simply loves to mountain bike this is the place for you! Now that is not to say you can't hike on foot, in fact, hikers are more than welcomed but always be careful and mindful of those who are biking through! The park has plenty of parking and a ton of beautiful sights to see! Needless to say, if you are someone who loves hiking, make sure to check out the Olde Rope Mill!

Noonday Creek Trail

If you are looking for a more peaceful trail, then Noonday Creek Trail is the one for you! In total about a 6.8-mile walk, the park is split into two distinct parts! the first being a nice, easy trail to walk through. Nice and flat, this path offers all kinds of beautiful sights to see! After finish the first part, you'll start to notice a bit of an incline as you head towards the second part. This part offers a bit more of a challenge, but still remains fun for those who enjoy a more casual hike! This trail is also dog-friendly, so be sure to bring your pet as you walk it. Plus it is not far from Woofstock, a nice place for your dogs to play in!

 Leita Thompson Memorial Park

The great thing about Leita Thompson Memorial Park is just how much there is to do. From the many fun and engaging trails, from nice and simple walking trails to the more involved hiking trails there are all sorts to take a hike through and really soak in the beautiful scenery. They even have plenty of shade, which allows for walking even the hottest of days. But other than their trails, they have a wonderful dog park as well as all kinds of fun activates to get into. Leita Thompson Memorial Park is a fantastic stop if you're looking for a nice, simple walk or a fun adventure you can go on with the people that you love! 

I have honestly only scratched the surface of all the amazing hiking trails around Georgia, be sure to keep a lookout for when we look into some great trails around Marietta! All in all, whatever your reason may be now is absolutely the time to get out there and go for a nice hike! So grab your favorite shoes, bring a good snack (personally a slice of Apple or Pecan pie is a winner for me). Live the best life you can and take in the nature around you!

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