Keeping It Local: 3 Events Coming To Woodstock This September

Keeping It Local: 3 Events Coming To Woodstock This September

By Antonio Hunt, Pie bar Woodstock

As the warm and bright days of August come to an end, I find my mind drifting to the future. The month of September has always been a rather unique month to me, still bright like a Summer month but it is the start of the Fall season here in Pie Bar. Thankfully Woodstock has got some fun events coming this September to take advantage of the unique nature of September, so allow me to tell you about three of them right now!

Taste Of Woodstock

That's right folks on September 9th, the 11th annual Taste Of Woodstock is coming! This fun and engaging contest brings together some of the most loved restaurants in Woodstock, all in the name of engaging with the community! They will bring their best dishes to the front lines, allowing for people to get a taste of their very best! Then the people will come together and vote in a variety of categories, as a fun way to see what each shop is made of! This year is also acting as a way to benefit The Woodstock High School Band Program, so not only do you get to taste awesome food but help out a great cause! If you are a food lover, definitely check this event out!


Now for an event for the older members of the room, starting this September 18th is none other than Downtown Woodstock's Oktoberfest! This is a part of Downtown Woodstock's Pub Crawl series, which is a fun way to experience some of the great locations to get a nice drink at. The nice part of Oktoberfest is that it is a fantastic way not only to taste some wonderful beverages but to immerse yourself into many of the awesome local shops around Woodstock! All in all, if you are a fan of a good drink and good times, then this is the event for you!

Pie Bar's 6th Birthday

That's right folks, right at the start of September is the 6th birthday of Pie Bar! We are pumped, and boy do we have some great things planned! We not only are going to be making plenty of pie, all of which for y'all to take either whole or by the slice. But something nice is, we want you to celebrate with you! How are we gonna do that, well let me tell you! We are going to be doing a gift swap, so we all can enjoy this day together! Now I want to let you know we have a blog post in the works that will fully explore what we have planned, so stay tuned for that! Needless to say, we can't wait to spend our 6th birthday with you!

What is so crazy is I have only scratched the surface of all the great events happening around Downtown Woodstock, be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you never know what is coming next! I know I am so excited to see what September will bring, and I can't wait to see it with all of you! I hope you have a ton of fun this up and coming month, and here's to a fantastic September!

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