Just Call Me Lorelai...

Just Call Me Lorelai...

...because I need coffee, coffee, coffee.

We love supporting other local, small businesses almost as much as we love baking pie. So, when it came time to choose our coffee provider (and Luke wasn’t available 😉), you know we had to choose a shop that is close by, that roasts their own beans, and makes a baller cup of coffee.

If you have ordered a cup of  coffee while at our shop, those beans were roasted by Cool Beans Coffee Roasters! Cool Beans is located in Downtown Marietta and literally fuels our days. If you have never tried their coffee, TODAY IS THE DAY, MAN! It is smooth and rich, and we serve it two ways -- Hot or Iced!


So, all of this to say --- We heart coffee and we heart Cool Beans.

Here's to you, coffee.

Happy National Coffee Day!!

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