I Love Pie A-Latte!

I Love Pie A-Latte!

By: Abby A, Pie Bar Marietta

Everybody loves a good coffee, but you know what's even better? Espresso! It's a stronger taste of coffee, it has more caffeine (we all know I need it), and it pairs well with so many flavors - for coffee and with pie!

Caramel Apples, anyone?

An apple-solutely perfect pie pairing is our Apple Streusel pie, all the way of course, with a hot caramel latte. The cinnamon in the Apple Streusel pairs well with the taste of the espresso and milk, and the caramel in the coffee matches with the caramel on the pie; it's the perfect bit of sweet! And don't get me started on the ice cream on top! It adds a nice touch of chilliness in all the warmth, and the vanilla sweetness pairs well with the sweetness of the caramel and sugar in the pie and coffee. It's a perfect fall flavor combination!

Strawberry Shortcake and Vanilla

Our Strawberry Shortcake pie, here for only the month of May, is a perfect pairing with an iced vanilla latte. Our Strawberry Shortcake has vanilla pastry filling in the pie, along with layers of pound cake. This combination of cake and cream will taste absolutely perfect with a vanilla latte. And if it's hot outside, it's the perfect choice! A pie best kept cold and an iced latte? Sit in some nice AC and savor that vanilla flavor! 

Brown Sugar Delight

The perfect drink to go with our Brown Sugar Chess Pie is a cappuccino! The rich consistency of the pie goes amazing with the thick foam in the cappuccino. The taste of espresso goes well with the sweetness of the pie and helps balance it out. If you want, you can throw in some pumpkin spice flavor in the cappuccino to add to the sweet taste of the brown sugar! It'll seem like it's cool outside like in the fall.

Pecan and Espresso? Yes please!

We have the perfect addition to any slice of Bourbon Pecan Pie: a hot Americano! Our Bourbon Pecan is amazingly sweet, so the strong taste of the espresso will balance it out. It also goes well with the bourbon in the pie. Whether you take your Americanos black or with cream and sugar, the taste of the espresso will surely shine through. It pairs nicely with the sweetness of the pie and balances out that sweetness with bold coffee. A way to make this even better is to take the Bourbon Pecan all the way! A nice warm slice with ice cream on top, then balance it all out with an Americano. It's perfect!

Drip Coffee Matters, Too!

Our drip coffee is just as great as our espresso! A perfect pie to accompany our drip coffee is our Key Lime Pie! Both of these have similar pallets for how your taste buds react, so they'll go great together. The nice, cool Key Lime will feel refreshing with a hot or iced coffee. Our coffee is a Pie Bar Blend of Alma Coffee from Holly Springs, GA, so this roast is unique to us! The lime flavor with the boldness of our coffee will surely leave you wanting more! The strong flavor of both items will be a treat to your taste buds. 

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