If Disney Made Pie...

If Disney Made Pie...

Kailey Vaughn, Pie Bar

As a self-proclaimed, Disney Movie Aficionado, I tend to compare everything in real life with  Disney movies. Which is how I got myself in the situation of wondering... if a Disney Movie could be used to describe a pie, which pie would each of my favorite Disney movies represent? 

Movie #1: Pocahontas.

A classic Disney film about adventure, trying new things, and stepping out of your comfort zone (hello, New World).

Pie #1: Sugar & Oats! This is a pie all about trying something you have never seen before (because Pie Bar invited it!). Once you give it a shot, your life will be changed forever. 

Movie #2: Cinderella.

This is a classic rags to riches story. Cinderella did not start out as everyone's favorite, but in the end, The Prince and all the towns people loved her.

Pie #2: Traditional Buttermilk! This pie had a slow start and didn't get much love to begin with..that is until we started sampling it out and BOOM it because the princess of the pie case. (and big news -- it's coming back in September!!)

Movie #3: Mulan.

A story of bravery, strength and loyalty. When the chips were down, Mulan stepped up!

Pie #3: Bourbon Chocolate Pecan! This pie is the epitome of loyalty in our shop. It is always there when we need a pie to give to a friend or as a recommendation for a first-time-customer. 

As you can see I love both pie and Disney Movies and could continue down this path for..well..ever. Do you have any favorite movies that remind you of your favorite Pie Bar Pie?

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