Freshly Baked Biscuits

I Can Never Go There Again.

One of my great loves in this world is a hometown diner. If you have read about my obsession with Guy FIeri and DDD, this does not come as a shock. 

Anytime I travel I seek out a place that fits into the diner category: a gaggle of regulars, waitresses that call you "hun," and strong coffee. I love coffee so much that I will find any way to ingest it.

Early one morning a few months ago, Cody and I were on our way out of town when we both decided we couldn't drive a mile further without a biscuit and some coffee. Lucky for us, we were near Downtown Cartersville and the famous 4 Way Lunch. 

I stepped inside and was greeted by a group of folks sitting at a counter, chatting with the cooks as they were served coffee refills and biscuits with gravy. I placed my order for two sausage biscuits and two coffees to-go. My biscuits were wrapped in wax paper and packed into a white paper sack, my coffees were poured into two styrofoam cups, and my total was no more than $8, and of course, cash only. 

An older man to my left leaned over to the waitress and let her know that he would be covering "our new friend's order today." As I turned to leave, I thanked the man for his kindness and told the waitress that I would like to pay it forward. 

"How much do I owe you for that guy?" I asked while I pointed at a man who was just on the other side of me. It turns out, he had already committed to paying for several other people's breakfast, which means his total was way more than I had in cash.

Embarrassed, I told the waitress to take all $15 I had brought in and just apply it towards his total..which is how I ended up paying more for someone else's breakfast than my own breakfast cost and adding insult to injury, I had really only made a down payment and left the man with the rest of his bill. 

I grabbed my biscuits and coffees and ran to the car. Cody was waiting there and immediately started reaching for his share. He unwrapped his biscuit and took a bite followed by a sip of steaming hot coffee. 

"Enjoy," I told him, "because we can never come here again."

If you have a favorite biscuit and coffee joint, make sure you let me know by hitting "reply." It is a mission of mine to drink coffee in as many old-school diners as possible..I will just make sure to bring more cash next time.
Looking for some great places to get coffee and biscuits?
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