Handcrafted Rolling Pins for the Masses

Handcrafted Rolling Pins for the Masses

If you have been in the shop, you may have noticed a bin of gorgeous rolling pins that come in all kinds of shades and sizes – but did you know that the rolling pins that we carry in the shop are actually handcrafted locally by Matthew Philips?

Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1976, Matthew Philips currently resides in Canton, Georgia with his wife and four children. Philips finds himself in many different roles. Whether husband, father, teacher or studio artist, all of these find a central theme in service to the divine Maker.

While Philips works in many different media, he has a special relationship with wood. From the story of a tree to the beauty of the wood revealed, he has a profound attraction to the material.

These beautiful rolling pins come in a small and a large size, which makes for perfect little baking dates with your kids. With Mother’s Day coming up, they could make a beautiful addition to a family’s household. As seen in the photo, they come in different shades - these are actually not stains, and in fact the natural wood color. From darkest to lightest, we carry walnut, cherry, and maple rolling pins. 

 These rolling pins truly make great gifts and can be the beginning of new memories. I just recently brought home a rolling pin along with Pie Provision's Tart Cherry Pie Filling for my grandmother as a Mother's Day gift! 

 You may notice that these rolling pins look a little different from what you might typically see at the store all the time. That's because these are French rolling pins, which are nice for pie dough. With a traditional rolling pin, it is easy to put a little too much weight or pressure onto the dough, so these are great for all of your pie baking escapades!

 In fact, it’s ideal for rolling out a variety of dough. On top of that, it is easy to maneuver, so it gives you a greater amount of control with the pressure you are putting down when rolling out dough.

 The next time you come by the shop, feel free to ask about these rolling pins, and check out some of the other neat pie baking gadgets we offer, from zesters to bench scrapers. The pie-sibbilities are endless. 

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