Hammond's Candy Bars

Hammond's Candy Bars

Today we want to highlight one of our newest partners, Hammond’s Candies! 

Established in 1920 by Carl T. Hammond, Hammond’s Candies started as a small business in Denver, Colorado. After serving in World War 1, Hammond pursued his dream of opening a candy store. To learn more about the business, he worked as an apprentice at a Denver-based factory. In 1920 Hammond opened his first store, Hammond’s Candy Company in Denver.

His company continued to flourish throughout the 1920s and 1930s despite challenges brought on by the Great Depression. As his candy business thrived in the 1940s, Hammond’s family got involved and helped it continue to grow. Hammond’s Candies continued to be family owned and operated for generations, under the leadership of family members such as Hammond’s son Tom and his granddaughter Robin.

By the early 2000’s, Hammond’s Candies had grown from a smaill, family business into an internationally recognized and beloved candy company. Today, Hammond’s Candy continues to create delicious treats and uphold it’s founder’s motto, “Nothing is more important than quality.”

Hammond’s provides Pie Bar was pie-inspired chocolate bars that allow you to enjoy some of the same pie flavors we offer as chocolate bars! 

Coconut Cream Pie
A  milk chocolate bar with creamy ganache and topped with shedded coconut. Similar to Hammond’s very first chocolate bar that had shedded coconut, this bar combines the creaminess and coconut flavor of our coconut cream pie.

Key Lime Pie
A white chocolate bar with fresh, tart key lime flavor and crunchy graham cracker bits. Get the experience and flavor of our key lime pie in this delicious chocolate bar.

Bourbon Pecan Pie
A milk chocolate bar with bourbon pecan caramel filling. This bar gives you that same rich, caramel filled flavor as our bourbon chocolate pecan pie.

Try these new Hammond’s Candies bars next time you visit us! Perfect for gifts or as a treat for yourself, we hope you enjoy our classic flavors in these new ways. 

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