Grubs Can Be Meaningful...

Grubs Can Be Meaningful...

Lily Buehler, Pie Bar

When I was thinking about what I was going to write, I came across the question, “How does eating impact your time with friends and family?” At first, I laughed and thought, “Wow what a boring topic.” But it got me thinking about this concept of food and how much it can mean.

I believe there are two types of eaters; people who eat for the nutrients, and those who enjoy what they eat and all the togetherness that surrounds it. Think about this, what memories have been created while sharing a meal with a friend or family member? 

For me and my family, Sundays are the days when we all come together and share a meal, the meals are sometimes good and sometimes not, but that is not what I remember. I remember the time spent together. I cannot count the amount of times that my grandmother or sister has said, “Come over tomorrow night to try this new recipe with me.” Just the fact that they thought of me and wanted to spend time with me means so much. 

Pie Bar has been a huge influence in my life as well. I have met some really amazing people just because of delicious pie. What a dream job!

True happiness comes from being thankful for what you have in your life. I am going to challenge myself from now on to stop and look around at what beautiful memories are happening when I sit down to eat and I challenge you all to try the same.

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