It's Gardening Season!

It's Gardening Season!

Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar

Ah April, a wonderful month where spring truly begins, as we fully embrace that warm, spring air and the buzzing of bumble bees. All of a sudden that garden is looking like it is in need of some tweaking. Now that spring is here, it is about time that garden gets the time and love it so rightfully deserves.

So as I put my sun hat on and equip my gloves I am fully ready to wage war on the bugs and weeds that have infiltrated the garden. As the plucking of weeds goes on and planting of new flowers begins, the feeling of that beautiful spring breeze upon a sweaty forehead is a feeling I never get tired of!

Plus there is a certain satisfaction I get when I pluck a a fresh tomato or peach from my garden, oh it just makes me smile thinking about it! Aaaand, let's face it: the best part of any garden is getting to eat or view the work you have done. But of course like all good things, it must end.

So as the sun sets and you sit there with the sweet embrace of a cool, spring night with a lemon pie slice in one hand and a cup of your favorite beverage (for me, a cup o' joe), a sigh of relief forms, marking the end of a hard but rewarding day. The best part though is as you finish up and head into the house, knowing that tomorrow you get to do it all again fills the air with excitement and wonder. So regardless if you garden to cook or just to marvel at the flowers, or if you work in there to earn the reward of sweet treats that are sure to come, gardening in spring is something anyone and everyone can enjoy, so get on out there and smell the roses my friend! When all is said done, I hope you'll tell me all about what sort of fun you got into... all in the name of some fun times in your garden!

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