Feature Farm: Mercier Orchards

Feature Farm: Mercier Orchards

We love guilting people (jk!) into buying our pies because they are a local good and when purchasing a Pie Bar pie, you are supporting a local small business, so we want to make sure we are doing the same for other local businesses! Sourcing our fruit from local farms and orchards is something we prioritize at our shop. I love being able to talk to our customers about where the ingredients in their pie comes from, and I have always loved the idea of doing a farm tour (with or without Luke Bryan) in order to really learn about where our fruit comes from, and the process they go through-- pre-pie. Which is why I tricked Hank, the Pie Bar mascot, into a Blue Ridge road trip yesterday. 

This is his 'excited' face.


Unfortunately for Hank, his tour-de-Blue Ridge started and ended at my parent's house, where he was forced to stay while my Mom and I had all the fun. We were given the VIP tour (to be honest, I think they are this nice to everyone..but STILL..VIP!!) and we were shown around the massive property. From the packing house, to the cider press, and into the orchards, we were surrounded by some of Georgia's most delicious and beautiful apples. Mercier Orchards is a family owned and operated farm, and as someone who now works full-time with her spouse, it is nice to see that none of them are currently in prison for murdering a family member...

If you live in the area, you have GOT to visit Mercier Orchards. Make a weekend of it; my parents have a spare bedroom..tell them my brother Nicholas sent you.

If you don't live in the area, why are you reading this blog? Did google re-direct you here on accident? Has your computer frozen and this is the only website you can browse? If so, welcome and enjoy these beautiful I-phone shots that I took special for you.


 Rows and rows of sweet, sweet apples. 

 Pink Ladies: Coming Soon! (and I think those clouds are what Garth was inspired by..#thunderrolls)


 The original Mercier Apple House. I heart history.


While at the farm, we were able to procure lots and lots of fresh apples, so that can only mean one thing -- we won't be going to the doctor for a long time...and apple pie is now on the menu. ANGELS REJOICE! THE PRODIGAL PIE HAS RETURNED!



Pie Bar.

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