Hey There, Dads! Listen Up!

Hey There, Dads! Listen Up!

By: Abby A, Pie Bar Marietta

My dad and I have always bonded over music. When I started watching Supernatural in middle school, I became obsessed with Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas. Naturally, I listened to it constantly. Once I played it near my dad, and he talked about how that was his all-time favorite song from when he was in high school. That shone a light on how old the song was, at least in my eyes as a 13-year-old talking to her almost 50-year-old dad. Talking about high school from the '80s, which at the time was 20 years before I even existed, seemed old.

Another key memory of my dad is the number of times I've worked on cars with him. He owns a '72 Ford Maverick, and I've spent many hot summer days hanging out with him in our driveway while he works on it and attempts to explain cars to me (I never understood; I still don't). Another car of his is a '65 Ford Econoline Pickup truck, and that's the truck he drove to and from high school with. I've helped him work on that, too. I remember he had me help with the brakes, and I could barely even get into the driver's seat. Mind you, I was somewhere around 15 or 16; I just happen to be short.

Every year for Father's Day, we make my dad his favorite cake: a lemon pound cake. He loves that cake, especially with the lemon-flavored glaze on top. Personally, I love lemon, so I never complain. Although lemon pound cake is a great choice, Pie Bar's Vault Release for this Father's Day is our Banana Cream Pie, specially handcrafted for fathers all over Georgia (maybe even beyond!). Banana Cream is a classic pie flavor loved by many, which makes it a perfect gift to your wonderful father!

Another great pie for Father's Day is our Orange Dreamsicle Pie, part of the Inspired Pie Series from Pie Bar. It's inspired by June Pies Pie Shop from Heber, Utah, and it's a delicious whipped cream cheese base with orange gelatin and marmalade. Pop it in the freezer for a few minutes and it turns into a literal orange dreamsicle; it's to die for! My dad always ate orange creamsicles, and something similar that he loves is the frozen lemonade from Chick-Fil-A, so I think this pie would be perfect. The Orange Dreamsicle pie is available all through June, so if you can't make it for Father's Day, you can take a raincheck and have it later in the month!

Father's Day is the one day dedicated to celebrating your dad, so make it special! Pie Bar pie, a walk around the Square, and maybe a hike, if he's that kind of guy. Take time to say "I love you" to your dad this year, and have a Happy Father's Day!

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