Christmas Time is Here...

Christmas Time is Here...

 There is just the right amount of bourbon in our Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie to help you deal with your extended family. WINK.


Christmas is a term we use to describe more than just the 25th of December. It is a whole season that perpetuates time spent with family, generosity of spirit, and terrible holiday films (I'm looking at you, Hallmark..). We have a whole month dedicated to jingle bells, eggnog, and baby Jesus (and if you live in the SEC, a whole month to prep for the National Championship #rolltide). 

Growing up, Christmas did not feel complete until I was packed into a mini-van with my three brothers en route to our Grandparents house. Unfortunately for us, it was not over the hill and through the woods, but rather 14 hours up I-85 and through the hood to get to East Providence, Rhode Island. We relished in the long drive because we could watch vcr tapes to our hearts' content, eat cold french fries, and suck down more than the FDA's recommended amount of Capri-Suns. It was heaven, or rather, Christmas. We would arrive at twilight and rush to get out of our blanket cocoons in order to be the first to dive into a pile of snow. My Grandma would always greet us at the door, bathed in a warm glow from the Christmas tree. The next few days were spent in holiday bliss: hot cocoa, time with cousins, and PRESENTS!!!!! 

Pure Christmas bliss - 1993.
The first 4 grandkids: Becca, Lauren (me), Brian, Nicholas.
Nice haircut, Becca.


Fast-forward 15 years, and as an "adult", apparently my parents no longer want to drive to Rhode Island with me and my three grown brothers in their new KIA Sorento, so new traditions have unfolded. I now spend every other holiday with Cody's family and vice versa for him. I have learned to love his family's Christmas despite how different it is from mine. We eat peanut m&m's, watch allllllll of the Hallmark movies (apparently my Mother-in-Law is partially to blame for Hallmark's success), and seeing as it is a Georgia Christmas, we just pine for snow. 

Cody, me, and the creepy bunnies celebrating Christmas in Georgia - 2013. 

We are starting a new tradition this year. As many of you know, Pie Bar is something Cody & I began because we enjoy making others happy. One of my favorite things each day is to watch people walk into the shop and instantly break into a smile. Pie makes people happy, and that is an amazing thing. So, no matter where you are spending your Christmas this year (or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or Festivus), know that you can instantly brighten up the place with a smile and a pie. We would love to provide your family with their Christmas pie; and if you decide to tell people you made it, we won't even be mad. 

Orders for Christmas pies will be accepted through Saturday, December 19th. Four flavors are available and can be viewed here. Call, email, or smoke-signal us to order. If you decide against ordering a pie and want to play risky-business with your family's happiness, we will also have a few first-come, first serve pies on Tuesday, Dec.22nd, Wednesday, Dec.23rd, and Thursday, Dec.24th. 


Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.


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