Pie Bar's Guide To: Holiday Gifts

Pie Bar's Guide To: Holiday Gifts

By: Abby A 

Happy Holidays, y'all! Christmas is *right* around the corner peeking at ya! In case you're like me and do not shop until the last minute, we have the perfect gifts for those pie lovers in your life! Just kidding, I've been shopping since October, but we still have the best gifts for your loved ones! We have coffee, jams, candles, and more!

For those who love coffee as much as I do (not joking about this one), we have bags of whole-bean Pie Bar Blend Alma coffee! It comes specially from Alma Coffee in Holly Springs as a blend made for Pie Bar, with tasting notes of citrus, chocolate, and walnut. It's a 3/4lb bag, meaning it should keep you set for a little while if you've got a coffee grinder at home! Alma coffee has become a staple for Pie Bar, as we serve their drip coffee and espresso in shops. If anyone you know loves Pie Bar coffee, consider getting them a bag of Alma coffee as a cute gift! It fits perfectly in a medium gift bag with some festive tissue paper.

I also happen to be a sucker for candles. A certain fragrance store has my heart, but our candles are personally my favorite for cozy fall or winter vibes. We have Warm Memories, scented like a fresh-baked apple pie, Cozy Space, which is cinnamon and pumpkin, and Season's Greetings, which is a nice, fresh pine scent. I got Season's Greetings last year and OMG, it is phenomenal. I'm not one for pine, but it is an amazing candle. Feels just like Christmas in a tiny jar of wax. It fills the room with a wonderful scent, and any of these candles are perfect gifts for those who love a cozy space (haha, get it?). Anyone who loves a good candle will love these!

One awesome gift-worthy merch we have are pie-inspired jams! We have peach pie, blueberry pie, and very limited strawberry pie jams. These are great for sandwiches, toast, morning biscuits, or charcuterie boards! The peach pie jam is the most popular, and rightfully so! It's perfectly sweet with the amazing taste of peach. These are made by Pie Provisions, Pie Bar's retail line. So, we use ingredients from our pies (peaches, blueberries, etc.) for these jams. They are handmade, special, and tasty! If you know someone that is a jam connoisseur, these would make a great gift.

Some of our other goods includes mugs, our Warm Memories journal, pie crust mix and filling, and apparel. The mugs are wonderful gifts for coffee or tea drinkers. They are the same style as a classic diner mug, which are a classic for coffee drinkers. With the purchase of a mug comes a free hot drip coffee! You can redeem it when you buy the mug, or take a free coffee card to include with the gift. I got my dad the mug last year, and now it's his coffee mug every morning, alternating between that one and a diner mug from a cool place in Savannah (same diner mug style). My dad is pretty picky about his mugs, so if you know someone similar, consider the mugs!

Our Warm Memories journal was crafted from wonderful memories of Pie Bar from customers, former team members, family members, and Lauren and Cody themselves. It includes many accounts of how Pie Bar has created a warm memory for someone at some point in their life, and that's our whole goal! The community has come together to make this book, so it's worth a read! And if I haven't sold you on it yet, it has pie recipes from Lauren herself! There are classic Pie Bar pies in there, plus ones you may never have heard of! I gifted this journal to my grandmother last year and she loved it. It's perfect for someone who loves Pie Bar and the memories we make!

We also have a pie crust mix of our classic all-butter flaky pie crust and fillings for Bourbon Pecan, Classic Blueberry, and Ginger Peach. These are also part of Pie Provisions, so the fillings are handcrafted, jarred, and sealed by our team members! If you know someone who LOVES to bake, this is def for them. I gifted my mom the Bourbon Pecan pie filling and it was a huge hit! Can you tell I like giving Pie Bar merch as gifts? We have Perfect Pie Kits where you can purchase a pie filling and box crust mix in a package together, so it's a great gift for someone who would love to handcraft a pie, but doesn't know where to start!

We have some pretty cool Pie Bar apparel, as well. We have t-shirts, crewnecks, and hats! Plus, if you purchase a piece of wearable merch, every time you wear it from then on, you get a 10% discount on your whole order, no matter what you're buying. As long as you have that cool shirt or hat on, you'll get a pretty sweet discount. These are also great for people that want to show off their Pie Bar pride! I wear my Pie Bar shirts and hats everywhere, even if the hats are my uniform. They're comfy, and make for great accessories!

One last ~special~ product I haven't brought up is our brand-new pie-inspired ornaments! These come from Old World Christmas, and they are beautifully crafted Christmas tree ornaments. We have four designs in our selection: we have an Apple Pie slice, a Pecan Pie slice, a Blueberry Pie slice, and a coffee carafe. The coffee carafe might just be my mom's gift this year; it's so precious, and she's an avid coffee drinker. The pie ornaments are just the cutest, though! I want one to hang on my tree to keep Pie Bar memories alive, even if it's years in the future. These ornaments are perfect Christmas Eve gifts so that they have at least one night on the tree! They're just the cutest little Christmas accessories, and will show off your love of pie to the fam!

This year's Christmas will be truly special, and you can add some more memories by getting someone a Pie Bar gift! We also have gift cards if you're not completely sure what someone would like. And a Christmas pie may make someone happy, too! We will have very limited walk-ins the week before Christmas, so come early to check out what we'll have! Overall, Pie Bar gifts are sure to create warm memories and bring a smile to someone's face.

Happy Holidays!

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