Christmas 2017: Angels We Have Heart on High

Christmas 2017: Angels We Have Heart on High

HARK Ye Faithful Pie People!

Christmas at Pie Bar is not nearly as hectic as Thanksgiving at Pie Bar…unfortunately! We love the hustle bustle of Thanksgiving and serving so many families pies from our ovens. It gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves and find out which of us are the “men among boys,” if you will.

Our Christmas wish this year is simple -- kick the Christmas Cookie to the curb, and serve Christmas Pie instead. We want Christmas Pie to be at the top of your list. We even heard that Santa is “so over cookies” and would prefer a nice slice of pie instead. We are sending out the pie call and hoping you will answer! Serve PIE this Christmas..and make it a Pie Bar Pie.

Since the Q&A format was such a hit last time (Thanksgiving Manifesto 2017), I thought it would be prudent to continue that tradition. Read on, my little snow angels, for all of your Christmas Pie Questions will be answered.

So, how is this whole Christmas thing going to work?

The following bits of information pertain to the Christmas 2017 Holiday
Sunday, December 17th – Wednesday, December 27th

1. When Do I Order My Christmas Pies?
We will begin accepting orders for Christmas Week on Friday, December 1st at 10am.

2. How Do I Order My Christmas Pies?
You can order online (, call our shop (678-402-6245), or walk-in and visit us (8720 Main Street).

All whole pie pre-orders for Christmas week will be processed online (even if you walk-in to order) and must be pre-paid with card.

3. How Long Do I Have Left to Order Pies for Christmas Week?
The last day you can pre-order for Christmas Week is Saturday, December 16th at 5pm.

We will STOP accepting pie orders for Christmas Week on Saturday, December 16th at 5:01pm.

4. Do I Pay for My Pies When I Order Them?
Yes. All pre-ordered pies must be pre-paid.

5. Should I Order a Pie Ahead of Time or Just Walk-In and Pick One Up?
We strongly encourage you to pre-order your pie

The last day you can pre-order a whole pie for Christmas Week is Saturday, December 16th at 5pm.

The extra pies we will bake for walk-ins will be on a first-come, first-serve basis (slices or whole pies). No reservations on walk-in pies this week.

6. When do I Pick-Up My Pies?
If you pre-ordered your pies, please make sure you pick-up your pies during the correct time, on the correct day. You will choose the time and day when you order your pie. We are not responsible if you choose the wrong day or time for pick-up. If you come during the incorrect shift, you are risking your pie not being available/ready for pick-up.

We will not be able to adjust your order after orders close on December 16th at 5:01pm (that includes no changes to pick-up date, time, or flavor).

7. Let’s Talk Hours:

*We intend to serve slices and whole pies throughout the entire week leading up to Christmas. However, please note that the slice option is subject to change based on availability.

Sunday, December 17th: Open Normal Business Hours
(slices, whole pies, fresh quiche)
Monday, December 18th: CLOSED
Tuesday, December 19th: Open Normal Business Hours (slices & whole pies)
Wednesday, December 20th: Open Normal Business Hours (slices & whole pies)
Thursday, December 21st: Open Normal Business Hours (slices & whole pies)
Friday, December 22nd: Open Normal Business Hours
(slices*, whole pies, fresh quiche)
Saturday, December 23rd: 11am – 6pm (slices*, whole pies, fresh quiche)
Sunday, December 24th: CLOSED
Monday, December 25th: CLOSED
Tuesday, December 26th: CLOSED
Wednesday, December 27th: Open Normal Business Hours (slices & whole pies)
 We will be CLOSED for a few days following Christmas.. because we are tired. And we want to watch all the ABC Famliy Christmas movies in our pajamas.

8. Let’s Talk about Pot Pies:
There will be Pot Pies this week as long as supplies last!!! We want you to enjoy the week of Christmas with your families, so order a pot pie and enjoy the chilly weather with your loved ones!!

9. Let’s Talk about Quiche:
Have you ever heard the phrase “Christmas Quiche”? No? That’s because I just invented it..but I want it to become a thing. Think about sitting in your PJ’s, around a crackling fire, watching your family open their gifts…all while enjoying a slice of Pie Bar Quiche. THIS COULD BE YOU!!!

We will have FRESH quiche available all week WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! We will also have FROZEN quiche WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. We reccomend you pre-order quiche.

10. Let’s Talk about Slices:
We intend to serve slices of pie throughout the week. However, please note that the slice option is subject to change based on availability.

11. What Pie Flavors are Available to Order?
Being a small shop means we have to limit what we can offer in order to provide as many pies to as many people as possible. If you are interested in ordering a pie that is NOT on this menu, we suggest you pre-purchase your favorite Pie Bar pie and freeze it for the big day. We are happy to provide freezing instructions.

Christmas 2017 Menu
Salted Caramel Apple Streusel - $28
Traditional Apple - $28
Bourbon Chocolate Pecan - $28
Bourbon Pecan - $27
Sweet Potato - $27
Cranberry Buttermilk - $26
Bacon, Cheddar, Chives Quiche - $28
Spinach, Roasted Red Pepper, Feta Quiche - $28
Rosemary Chicken Pot Pie - $30
Roasted Veggie Pot Pie - $30

12. You Mentioned Pre-Purchasing and Freezing a Pie?
Yes! There are some pies that freeze and thaw really well! If you are interested in avoiding the crowds, give us a call and we can recommend the best pies for you to pre-purchase and freeze at home.

We are dedicated to working quickly and efficiently so you will be able to get your pies fast and head on your way!

Happy Christmas, Harry!!**

Pie Bar Team

**if you read this in British accent and envisioned yourself as Hermione, you are THE COOLEST.

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