Check Out These April Events in Downtown Woodstock!

Check Out These April Events in Downtown Woodstock!

By Kay Christopherson, Pie Bar Woodstock

Spring is officially here, which means that we can finally come out of our winter hibernations (which mostly consisted of bundling up on our couches and watching way too much Netflix) and enjoy the sunshine! I love it when spring rolls around for many reasons: shorts weather! The flowers start blooming! The sun sets at an actually reasonable time! But my absolute favorite reason is that a whole bunch of events pop up as Downtown gets warmer and sunnier.

Listed below are a few events that you can catch this April, all in the heart of Downtown Woodstock:

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Elton Live! The Ultimate Tribute @ Madlife Stage and Studios

It's time to (tiny) dance the night away! On April 8th, Madlife Stage & Studios will be crocodile-rockin' along to the hits of Elton John. Don't let the sun go down on this event, and snag those tickets now. Madlife is also right next door to our Woodstock shop, so you can grab a slice before the show - Saturday night's alright for fighting, and Friday night's alright for...a slice of pie and some great music? Y'know, I'm gonna stop before these Elton John-themed puns get any worse...

The Lasting Laugh @ Woodstock Arts

If you're a stand-up comedy fan like me, then this event on April 9th is a must. Head on over to Woodstock Arts and check out The Lasting Laugh. Every month, a new slate of local stand-up comics takes the stage to make you belly-laugh. It's hosted by the hilarious comic/DJ extraordinaire, Jessica It's All Good. Not only will you be supporting live comedy by attending, but you'll also be supporting a local arts organization!

The Woodstock Farm Fresh Market @ Market St

One of my favorite weekend activities during the spring is to explore my local farmer's market. They've got everything from yummy-smelling soaps, to fresh crepes, to authentic Georgian boiled peanuts. A great booth to stop by is Pearson Farm's; if you've ever had a bite of our delicious pecan pie before, then you've experienced the deliciousness of Pearson Farm pecans! Opening back up on April 23rd and running until December 31st, the market takes place every Saturday from 8:30 am to 12 pm. It's also a great way to bask in the beautiful spring weather!

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There's even more exciting events happening this April - as much as I want to give a shout out to all of them, this blog post would be waaaaay too long if I did. A great way to stay updated on all the happenings Downtown is to check out the Visit Woodstock website!

Whether you're looking for some good food, some good laughs, or some good music, Downtown Woodstock is the place to be!


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