By the Slice

By the Slice

Kayla Elder, Pie Bar

It was Thanksgiving Day and we were surrounding the table, waiting to stuff ourselves with the mouthwatering food before us. Parents, siblings, spouses, grandparents, nieces and nephews – the time was here! We had been preparing dinner for hours and all the hard work was about to be rewarded. Gathered in thankfulness, we laughed together, shared memories together and ate together. We were bursting with fullness in every sense.

Everyone saved room for the much anticipated dessert – pie. Notes of Cinnamon Buttermilk, Traditional Pumpkin and Bourbon Pecan filled the air with their sweet aroma.

Slouching into their seats from a hefty dinner, everyone sat up with excitement when I began the slicing.

Eight large slices each – there were 24 slices between the three pies. But what’s this? Family members wanting more than one flavor on their plate! 

With pen and a sticky note in hand, I began taking orders like we were in Pie Bar. The men wanted all three flavors, my sister-in-law chose Cinnamon Buttermilk and Traditional Pumpkin, even the little ones wanted to try different flavors. Who was I to deny them this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Slicing became crafty and a bit messy, honestly. Slices were anything but perfect with some looking like slivers and others looking like mounds of ingredients. But the important thing was: everyone was happy and enjoying pie together.

Thanks to Pie Bar, we have this Warm Memory to share for years to come. 

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