A Magical Halloween Butterbeer Float Recipe

A Magical Halloween Butterbeer Float Recipe

Happy Halloween!

Okay, technically it’s not the exact date of Halloween, but for some of us Halloween begins as soon as September ends.

(*little wink to my Green Day fans for that last bit.*)

And that reminds me—last year we did something pretty special for Halloween, and it’ll make you Harry Potter fans especially happy: Butterbeer floats, baby!


And did you know these guys are pretty easy to make at home? Because they totally are. Here’s the lowdown:

Butterbeer Float Recipe
(Yields 1 Butterbeer Float)
1 cup of Cream Soda
2 tbsp Butterscotch drizzle
1 tbsp Butter extract
1 scoop/2.5 oz Vanilla ice cream


Pour your cream soda into a cup and add the butterscotch extract. Stir. Top with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of butterscotch syrup. You’re a wizard, Harry!

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