Baking with My Grandmother

Baking with My Grandmother

Sarah Jarrett, Pie Bar

Like many people, I don’t remember much about my early childhood. Most of the memories I do have are very faint. However, one thing I remember very clearly, is my love for food. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are those of cooking and baking with my grandmother. I believe my love for cooking, baking, and the hospitality industry started in my Grandmother’s kitchen.

A trip to my Grandmother’s house was a treat when I was growing up. I always looked forward to helping her in the kitchen. Although I was too young to do much of the actual baking, I was always allowed to spread the icing on her layered chocolate cake, (and then promptly lick the spatula clean). It may have taken me more than 30 minutes to do one layer, but she was always very patient with my twin sister and me.

Everything she cooks comes out even better than the last. She didn’t even need to use a recipe most of the time, which always amazed me. I often attempt her homemade biscuits, but mine will never be as good as hers.

20+ years later, and I just graduated from college with a degree in Hospitality! From making chocolate cake in my Grandmother’s kitchen, to serving chocolate cream pie at Pie Bar, my love for all things food and baking seems to grow daily. I am thankful to have a Grandmother who passed on this love, and I am thankful for Pie Bar for allowing me to continue working with people and food. Just don’t ask me to decide whose chocolate confection is better. ;)

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