Back to School Fun!

Back to School Fun!

By: Abby A, Pie Bar


It's that time of year! The days where kids will learn and parents can chill (a.k.a. running errands until it's time to pick up the kiddos) have officially begun. We all looooove (cue dramatic sigh) taking the kids' back-to-school shopping, for sure, but sometimes the same routine every year gets boring. Here are a few ways to spice up that back-to-school shopping this year!


Everyone loves a lil' bit of thrifting! For the older kids, take them to a thrift shop to find stylish clothes, especially for the upcoming chilly fall and winter! My personal favorite thrift shops are Park Avenue Thrift, Goodwill, and Ecologie. Park Avenue Thrift is a small thrift shop in Woodstock that highlights clothes that fit the upcoming season! They are also super affordable. Goodwill is always a classic. You can find anything from clothes to books to even a brand new desk for your schoolwork! They are also super affordable, especially for the conditions of the items. One of the best thrift shops around is Ecologie, located in Kennesaw. They are all vintage, and they even buy used clothes and resell them. They have a lot of name-brand clothing as well, and something for every aesthetic! Thrifting is my favorite hobby (a budget-friendly hobby!) and I think everyone should give it a shot!


My personal favorite place to go for school supplies is Target! They always have a great selection of notebooks, pens, pencil cases, and even agendas! Psst, my agenda is from Target, and it can fit six total classes on one day, plus my work schedule! I also found a pencil case that can fit all 30 of my G2 Pilot gel pens (my favorite pens, of course). They also have classics, like Bic mechanical pencils and Five Star notebooks with multiple subject sections. Target is a must for school shopping!


I have to say, if I love anything, it's sticker-covered school supplies. I have a Macbook, and I bought a new case just because my old one was already covered in stickers. I even have a Pie Bar sticker on it (gotta represent!). You can buy stickers from almost anywhere! My favorite places are local shops with logo stickers at the counter or Redbubble. I also love buying from Instagram artists. Redbubble has some really funny stickers, fit for almost any type of humor! Mine is very niche; I like memes about American suburban wildlife and jokes about my bad driving. Overall, stickers make everything just a little bit more fun.


When you finish your day of school shopping, stop by Pie Bar for your end-of-day treat! This month, for our Inspired Pie Series, we have Baked Lemon Meringue! It's the perfect flavor to lead us into fall (if we ever even get fall; it's so hot), and it's the best mix of sweet and tart. We also have a whole case full of other flavors, so whichever pie you get, we hope it ends your day right! Have a great school year!

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