Visit Pie Bar at SLICED!

Visit Pie Bar at SLICED!

By: Abby A

Woo-hoo! Coming up on Thursday, September 15th is the "SLICED" event at Atlanta Food and Wine, where Pie Bar will have lil' tastings of our sweet pie! The whole event is based around sliced food, so pie fits in perfectly, don't ya think?

It's the first year Atlanta Food and Wine is hosting the "Sliced" event, so it'll be a fun new experience for those who have come before, and for those who have never been to the great event that is Atlanta Food and Wine! There'll be tons of food, including pizza, pies, and even bread. Sliced is an event where everyone is able to try a little bit of food from everyone!

For SLICED, the tickets will be available for purchase on the Atlanta Food and Wine website. It will be hosted at the Guardian Works, a beautiful, new outdoor venue in Atlanta. It has the prettiest green lawn and a beautifully structured building with a patio fit for a wedding (quite literally, a lot of people have gotten married here)! It's truly an amazing venue for such a fun event!

There are going to be so many people showcasing their wonderful treats and savories at Sliced! It will be so cool to see everybody's awesome food! Of course, Pie Bar will be there, but there are some other bakeries there, such as Crave Pie Studio, Ghoul Next Door Bakeshop, and Roho Bakery. All these bakeries are run by baked goods enthusiasts! They are all going to have a great time handing out some tastings! Some savory shops showing up will be Pielands Sub and Slice, Grecian Gyro, Knead to Savor, and Nina and Rafi. These range from pizzas to gyros to bread! If you decide to check out Sliced, check out all these businesses as well! I'm sure it'll all be amazing.

Sliced, and Atlanta Food and Wine as a whole will be such a great experience for everyone involved! Tasting delicious food, enjoying the company, and seeing us (the best part, of course) will bring a smile to your face! Hope to see ya then!

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