Arn't We All Sick of the Charade?

Arn't We All Sick of the Charade?

By: Lauren Bolden, Owner, Pie Bar

How did New Year Resolutions become synonymous with the idea of restricting things from our lives?

January hits and we think about reducing our waistlines, eliminating excess spending, organizing our lives with those tiny containers from Target that you put individual labels on even though the containers are see-through and we can see that it's filled with macaroni, but you label it 'macaroni' none the less.

Over the course of the past several years, we have gone through multiple rounds of restriction.

Less time with friends and family.

Less time enjoying places like libraries, museums, live concerts, and restaurants.

Less time living our lives in a way that makes us want to continue living our lives.**

This year, instead of making New Years Resolutions that continue to feed into the idea of reduction, why not create Resolutions that are going to add to our lives?

Add joy!

Add fun!

Add bangs!

Add New Year's Additions instead of New Year's Resolutions

My New Year's Additions 2022 are as follows:

#1: Drink More Martinis
I love them, yet I have some unspoken rule in my mind that Martinis can only be enjoyed if I am dressed fancy and at a classy place. In 2022, I am going to enjoy a Martini whether I am in a dive bar surrounded by honky tonk songs (thanks, Cody B.) or at an upscale place that isn't sure why I am there.

#2: Find Hiding Spots for All of My Coffee Mugs
Cody has been on me for months about my coffee mug collection and how it is "getting out of hand" and "taking over the kitchen" and "going to bury us in our sleep if we don't get it under control and stop buying coffee mugs." Since I don't believe in reducing as a New Years Resolution, I have decided that instead of cleaning out some mugs..I will just find hiding spots all around my house for the excess mugs and cross my fingers that he doesn't find them...and then buy more.

#3: Add a New Pie Flavor to the Pie Bar Menu
It has been a little bit since we have added an entirely new flavor to our pie menu, and I think 2022 is the perfect time to introduce a new flavor to our t-buds. I've got a couple of ideas that are bouncing around my overly caffeinated noggin, and hopefully will settle on one soon! (hint, hint)

What are your 2022 New Year's Additions? 

Let me know so we can root for one another as we shift into 2022. I am looking forward to a year focused on bringing good things into our a Vodka Martini served in one of my many favorite mugs. 
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