All the Pies-sibilities

All the Pies-sibilities

Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar

Let me start this off with a question, what totally common activity have you never done before? I ask this for one simple reason, for twenty years of my life I had never thought about eating a pie! I know that sounds crazy, but it is the honest truth. So sit back and relax, as I tell you the tale of my first pie!

It all started when one day, my loving mother told me about a part time job at a local pie shop that she loved. I, of course, was excited at the prospect of having a job, but I did not know the first thing about pies. However, that did not scare me away. No, if anything it lit a fire in me that simply would not be put out! That fire being to taste a pie! Now, you may wonder why this was a big deal for me. Well in my mind, if I worked at a  pie shop, I needed to fully understand and taste each of the wonderful pies! So one thing had led to another and I got the job, which is still one of the happiest days of my entire life. It was on this day that my mother decided to do something: get a full pie for me to try out.

The pie she decided to get was none other than… the Apple Streusel! What better pie to be your first but an apple pie, which is why I was so excited to taste it! My first bite was beyond excellent. It only got better as I heated it up and took another bite, the already fantastic pie was amplified to a level I hadn’t dreamed of! But then a game changer happened, a scoop of ice cream had entered the scene and changed everything. What was already a top tier pie had gone beyond my wildest dreams, the combination of sugared apples with vanilla ice cream still is one of my favorite things ever.

But more importantly, this one pie pushed me to try more and more, which began my quest to try all the flavors I could! From the tart to the sweet, I tasted each and every one that stood before me! From the pecan to the brown sugar I tried them all, finding each had truly wonderful traits that made them stand out! It had blown my mind to know I had not had a pie until that point, but it very much is the truth.

From never having a pie to eating way more than I probably should, the joy I feel can’t be properly put into words. Not only do I get to have this delicious treat, but I get to share why I love it with other people who love it as well! To me there is something truly amazing about pie, both in how it tastes but also how it brings out a certain joy in people most treats wish they could do. Perhaps the reason eating pie is such a common activity is for that very reason, there is simply something special about eating a pie that you love. I know for a fact that is why I love it.

But I’m sure you’re wondering, what on earth does this have to do with the question at the beginning? Well put simply, it was through having a slice of pie I was taught an important lesson. Never be afraid to try something new, you would honestly be surprised at what may come from it.  From trying but one pie, I have had my eyes opened up to a new world of treats and smiling faces.

But I don’t want to take up all of your time, I know you have something to get to. So I guess I’ll leave you with a few things, if you’ll allow me. Pie is special, it is truly one of the few snacks I get excited about. Pie also has a unique power to bring complete strangers together, as shown from all the amazing conversations I have been a part of. But above all else, pie is one of a kind and while it took me a bit to get on board the train… I am more than happy to be on that train and ride it wherever it goes.

Well chums, I won’t keep you, but I will say I’m honored you listened to me go on and on. I hope I’ll get to hear about what pies you enjoy, or even what supposedly common activity you have never taken part in. Thank you so much for this little chat, I look forward to our next get together. So long for now.

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