Pi Day: Then and Now

Pi Day: Then and Now

Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar

Well it is that time of year again, where the flowers start slowly but surely bloom. but what I'm thinking about, is a day that has a unique connection to pie -- that being the wonderful day, Pi Day!

This one of a kind day is not actually traditionally about the wonderful treat we know as pie, instead it is actually a day honoring one of the most famous mathematic constant around! Heck I'm awful with math and even I know about it, that is truly a testament to its star power!

The very first Pi Day was actually as far back as 1988! It was founded by Larry Shaw and has been celebrated ever since! Since 2009, it has been supported by the House of Representatives. Crazy to think how just one day managed to win the hearts of everyone who takes part in it!

Pi day is often celebrated in a multitude of ways from simple discussions about the mathematic constant to of course eating a delicious slice of pie! Needless to say, people have come up with all kinds of fun and inventive ways to show their love to Pi(e).

Of course I will be celebrating it with some of my favorite flavors of pie, but I would love to hear all about what you plan to do! Be sure to visit us in Downtown Woodstock or the Marietta Square and celebrate along with us over a slice or two!

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