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A Special Day For A Special Lady!

Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar 

May 9th is a very special day, a day known simply as Mother's Day! On this day, we show our appreciation to the most important woman in our lives, that being the woman who raised us right! Truly though let us all be honest, Mom's deserve so much more than just one simple day to show our appreciation!  

But I digress, to me Mother's Day is to me to show my mom that she is truly the queen of the castle! Now one of the toughest things about Mother's day is a simple question... what to get her to show her how much we all appreciate her? I mean how on earth do you put all of that into just one thing, it is tough but if you will allow me, I can give you a few ideas.

Personally my mom is Polish and loves to make all sorts of treats, so I got her a rolling pin! Now I didn't just get her any old rolling pin, for her needs I got a rolling pin which doesn't have handles. She is still talking about how much better she is able to feel the dough, which has made baking so much easier for her! So one suggestion I have for a Mother's day gift is a good old fashion rolling pin, plus you may or may not know but we here at Pie Bar do carry locally made rolling pins... which is exactly the one I got my own mother!

Now if your mom is already kitted when it comes to her kitchen, we do have a candle which I swear can make any room smell like a top tier bakery! Of course we also have pie fillings and pie crust so she can make a pie of her own! But if you don't have the time to bake a pie, we have these ultra tasty jams that are inspired off of pies. Plus you can never go wrong with some Pie Bar swag! But what is great is even if you don't see any gifts that are just right for her here at Pie Bar, both downtown Woodstock and Marietta have so many great local shops for you to check out!

Now of course nothing says I love you quite like desert, and boy do we have plenty of treats for that special lady! From Key Lime to Chocolate chess there are more than enough sweet pies in both whole slices that will make her smile! But I will say one special treat that just about every Mom loves, brunch in bed! And my friend we have two quiches that will complete that wonderful brunch you have planned! The bacon cheddar and chives quiche is a crowd favorite that I get hungry just thinking about it! Plus the spinach, feta and red pepper quiche is a favorite among the team here at Pie Bar, so your mom might just love it as well!

But truly I will level with you, one of the greatest things you can do is make plenty of warm memories with her. Being there and truly just enjoying your time together is something just about any mom will love, I know my mom always loves whenever we make hand made cards for her! So regardless if you are heading out or enjoying the day in, having a massive meal or a quiet dine in. Make sure that on this mother's day and frankly everyday you let your mom know just how much you love her! 

I hope you all have a magnificent day and to all the expecting and current mothers out there. We here at Pie Bar wish the happiest of Mother's days and hope to see you and your families this weekend!

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