Banana Cream Pie For Father's Day

A Special Day For A Special Guy

Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar

It is that time of the year again, that time we all come together and show our appreciation to the most important guy in our lives! This June 20th marks this years, Father's Day! 

For as long as I can remember, my father and I have always had a close bond. My father is a kind and caring man, a man who does everything he can to make us me and my family smile. Often times my father has played an important role to get me to and from work as well as being the primary drive for family trips, to say the man has done his fair share of driving would be an understatement.

It is usually during those trips to and from work my father and I will chat, about all sorts of topics from politics to what we are following. Those quiet times in the car, are by far some of my favorite memories that I have. Plus every once in a while we have some truly bizarre run ins that we still talk about, like one time when someone challenged us to a street race out of the clear blue. It should go without saying that, some really odd memories have been made in our rides together.

But by far one of the things I simply must mention is, the creepy collection. So to make a long story short this started quite a bit back. My father was at a Goodwill one day when he decided to pick up two of those creepy, bizarre looking statues that you always see at Goodwill (if you have been there recently you know what I am talking about). He gave to them to us, we all laughed unaware at the tradition that was just born.

Now every Father's Day, Christmas, birthday and truly, just whenever he finds something oddball like that, it's become a "thing". Now what started as a simple fun joke has evolved into a major tradition that my family and I do with my father.

This Father's Day, Pie Bar is also celebrating with something really special. The return of a beloved pie, the one and only, Banana Cream Pie! This absolute delight of a pie is the perfect dessert to cap off any Father's Day plans! 

For me my plan is to spend a nice, peaceful evening relaxing and spending time with my dad. Regardless of how you decide to spend your Father's Day, we hope we get to see you at either of our shop locations. Happy Father's Day! 

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