A Love Letter to Pie

A Love Letter to Pie

My love,

It was a seemingly uneventful Tuesday when I walked into my local pie shop and saw you across the way. You were perfect. 

Light beaming down upon you, I knew you were the one. You were just a little fluffy then, but I didn’t mind. That would change soon enough.

My dream came to a halt as someone else was drawn to you...I could overhear their conversation, they were considering taking you out.

What was I going to do without you. I was already sold out to the idea of you. I wanted to know more about you. Were you sweet, salty, rich or delicate? I needed to know!

Oh the despair, it had to be written across my face - they chose you. Head down with slumped shoulders, I walked slowly to the counter in defeat.

But then, to my delight, another came in from the back. Glowing in more brilliance, you took the spot of the last. More beautiful than all others - I was suddenly captivated. I was able to move on quickly from the other - this was now my new muse.

Firm, yet light and airy. The perfect touch of intricacies. I couldn’t wait to get to you.

You were the best I had ever encountered. We went home together that night and what a time it was! I introduced you to my friends and they loved you as well. Though our love only lasted one day, the memories you gave me will be forever etched into my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

An Overtly-in-Love Pie Bar Frequenter


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