A Deliciously Spooky Treat For Halloween!

A Deliciously Spooky Treat For Halloween!

By Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar Woodstock

Ah, Halloween, a truly fantastic time of the year where we all get together and dress up as our favorite characters or favorite things! From a scary vampire to a lovable chef, there is no limit to the fantastic ways one can express their creative look when it comes to Halloween!

But of course, we can't possibly forget about another concept that makes Halloween so beloved, the delicious and wonderful treats! I still fondly remember going out when I was younger, knocking on a stranger's door, and being given such delicious treats! Just thinking about all of this makes me rather nostalgic! Now you may be wondering why I am bringing all of this up, well because I have an exciting announcement for you all! Today I would like to announce we have a vault release coming up for Halloween, and that flavor is...


Salted Peanut Butter Cup!! 

Cue the thunderous applause now, as this fan-favorite is finally back for a limited time! From the 29th to the 31st this delicious, fan-favorite flavor is back just in time for the Halloween season!

This flavor is just like Reese's peanut butter cup, making it the perfect pie for the Halloween season! Another great detail about this pie is it freezes amazingly, allowing you to hold on to it well after our vault release has ended! So if you are looking for a great flavor to stock up on taking from me, this flavor is one I can't help but be excited for every time it comes back!


For me, Halloween has always been a fun, charming time that is always a blast to take part in! And of course, the unmatched joy of getting to see your bounty of candy and digging in.


To me, the Salted Peanut Butter Cup perfectly captures that feeling, so if you are looking for the perfect pie this Halloween season I highly recommend this spookily delicious flavor!

Interested in how vault releases came to be? Well, I have the perfect post for you! Click here to see the origin story of our vault releases!

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